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CDA Grain Trader: 3.2.4

1043: Restriction on Partnerships for Warehouse Loads Removed

Early in the development cycle for Partnerships a restriction was implemented such that you could not select a Partnership grower for a load that was marked as Warehousing. This restriction is no longer necessary and has now been removed.

1042: Up To 4 Container Seal No's Now Available

You can now enter up to 4 Seal Numbers for a Container.

1037: Transaction Date on Load Window

You can now assign transaction dates for loads different to those of the physical load. The effect of this is that accounting transactions can be assigned dates in a different time period to that which would otherwise assigned using the load dates. Although normally the transaction and load date for each side of a load should be the same, this feature is made available for the purpose if needed. Only the transaction dates are affected. Other dates including Payment Due Dates are not affected.

997: Driver's Name Auto-Filled From Truck

If you store a Driver's name against a Truck using the Trucks | View Truck menu, the name will automatically be inserted in the Driver field when you select that truck on the Load window. Of course you can still enter a different name if required.

992: Effective Date Now Displayed in Status Bar

If you use the Utility | Set Effective Date menu and window to temporarily set the date for new transactions to a date other than the current date, the temporary date is now displayed in the date panel of the status bar on the main window, together with a red flag to remind you. Also if you click that panel at any time you will be taken straight to the Set Effective Date window (Admin users only).

1030: GL Export - Load - Other Creditors Not Being Exported

If you entered other creditor items on the Others tab of the Load window, the resulting transactions were not being exported to a General Ledger transfer file. This has been fixed.

1029: Apostrophe in Windows Profile Name Caused Errors

If your Windows User Profile name contained an apostrophe (') you could get odd errors when generating some reports. This has been fixed.

1026: Error 3021 When Double-Click Load Date Header in Orders

In the Orders module, if you double-clicked the date group row on the Loads grid on the Order window you could get error 3021: no current record. This has been fixed.

1015: Bank Rec - GST Free Entry

If you entered a GST Free transaction using the Add Other entry on the Bank Rec window, the transaction would not appear on the GST Report under the GST Free section. This has been fixed. Note that as a consequence, the first GST Report printed and updated after this update is installed may display old GST-free transactions.

1014: Bank Rec - Negative Add Other entry has zero value on GST Report

If you entered a reversal using the Add Other button on the Bank Rec window, the value would appear as zero on the GST Report, although the GST Amount was correct. This has been fixed.

1032: Load Additional Creditor - Possible Incorrect GST Displayed

If you used the Additional Creditor grid on the Load window and added multiple items, and on a row other than the top one the GST amount was zero, after saving and re-loading the Load that row would incorrectly show the GST amount from the row above instead of zero. This has been fixed. Transactions were not affected; only the display on the Load window.

1031: Contract Trader, Quality Could Be Added to List Multiple Times

On the Contract window, if you manually typed in a Trader's name and/or Quality term that already existed rather than selected it from the drop-down list, the entry would be added to the Managed List again. This has been fixed.

989: Possible Error 94: Invalid Use of Null on Editing Load Created in Orders

If a load created via the Orders module was edited using the Load window and there were neither per load nor per tonne deductions you could get this error. This has been fixed.

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