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Version 3.2.7 - 3.3.0 Print E-mail

Note: Versions 3.2.7 and 3.2.8 were internal/test builds and were not generally released. All changes have been rolled into Version 3.3.0.

1123: GL Transfer, MYOB & QB - Rationalisation of Requirements

We have determined that the "GL Cash at Bank Account" data entry box on the Global Options window, General Defaults - GL Transfer branch is redundant, provided that the correct account number from your GL Chart of Accounts is inserted in the appropriate field of the Purchase & Sales Department grid. This data entry box has now been removed, and if you are using the GL Transfer facility with either MYOB or QuickBooks formats, the Cash at Bank Account number is inserted into the Department field as appropriate, if it is different from the value currently stored there.

926: Transactions - Ability to unlink

You can now Unlink transactions that have been Linked. When you select a transaction that can be unlinked on the Creditor or Debtor window, Transactions tab, the Link button caption changes to Unlink. After Unlinking you can link either transaction to other transactions as applicable.

1125: New Reporting Engine Introduced

We have introduced a new reporting engine to replace Crystal Reports, which has been in use since the Windows version of Grain Trader was first released. The new engine is more capable, more flexible and has a smaller footprint than Crystal Reports. With more than 115 reports to be migrated to the new engine however, this process will of necessity be carried out over a period of time, so the new features such as better exporting (especially to an email message), enhanced working with logos (see Case 1126) and the possibility of customised reports that exactly suit your purposes, will not be immediately available in all reports. The first reports available are those designed for the new Supplier Payments function (see Case 1124). As other reports are migrated they will be noted in the Release Notes. Also we suspect that a number of reports, including some cheque formats, are no longer required, so we will soon announce a survey program to identify candidate reports that can safely be removed from the program to reduce the compiled size and thereby improve speed and efficiency.

1122: Second Bank Account Details to Support Debtor Financing

You can now provide details about a second bank account, and these details can be optionally printed in place of your main bank details on debtor invoices and statements. The details can be entered from the Utilities | Global Options menu, Banking - Debtor Finance branch. For each debtor on whose invoices and statements you want these details to be printed you then select the Bank Acct for Receipts drop-down box on the Debtor window. By default, all debtors are allocated to your main bank account (ie no change to the status quo). Note that at this time if you choose to use this option, you will not be able to print Deposit Slips or do Bank Reconciliations using Grain Trader. If demand exists this facility will be expanded in the future to full support for multiple bank accounts, upon which this functionality will be restored.

1106: Storage Movement Detailed Report - All Commodities, Single Storage

This report now supports selecting all commodities, single storage.

1088: Possible Rounding Error on Carrier GST on Goods Invoice

If a carrier RCTI was raised through a Debtor Goods Invoice, it was possible to generate rounding errors in the GST component of the carrier's invoice. This could result in the transactions not clearing from the Transactions window or Statement when they would appear to be linked correctly. This has been fixed.

1117: Contract Lookup Window - Candidates for Completion are not accurate

In some cases the highlight for Candidates for Completion on the Contract Lookup Window was not being assessed correctly. This has now been rectified.

1103: Loads - Copy Date Not Updating Transaction Date

On the Load window, if you used the Copy Date button to copy the date from the load pickup date box to the load delivery date box, the buyer transaction date was not being updated to the new date. This has been fixed. The issue did not arise if you selected a date from the popup calendar in any of the date boxes.

1085: Irregularities in Save & Finalise buttons, Basic Value Adding

If a finalised Basic Value Adding job was loaded then the window was closed then a new job created, the Save & Finalise buttons were always disabled. This has been fixed.

1115: Change Account on Contract Updates Existing Records

If you changed the Supplier or Buyer on a Contract, transactions and/or loads that had already been created using the original details were not automatically updated to reflect the new details. Any existing records will now be automatically updated (after a confirmation prompt) when saving the amended Contract.

1110: GST-Free Transactions Not Cleared From GST Report

GST-Free transactions would continue to be printed on the GST Transaction report, even after a Print & Update was performed. This is fixed.

1132: Mailing List Output Option: Suppliers, Customers

An additional output format has been added to the Supplier and Customer Listing reports. You can now direct the output to a comma-separated value file, for use in mailmerge or mass email programs. You can also now exclude accounts that do not have email addresses.

1131: Terminology Changed: Creditors, Debtors

In keeping with the emerging industry trend, we have changed the terminology used in Grain Trader from Creditors to Suppliers and Debtors to Customers.

1130: Delivery Fields Larger, Flow From Contract

The two Load Delivery fields now print to a maximum of 50 characters each on the Buyer Load Invoice (including the "Del: " prefix for the first line). In addition, the contents of these fields as saved in a Sale Contract now automatically populate the Delivery fields on the Load window, if that Contract is selected.

1129: Container No Now Appears on Buyer Load Invoice, Load Search Report

The Container No field now appears on the Buyer Load invoice and the Load Search Detail report, if data is present. If no data is present the report is unchanged.

1128: Extra Fields and Functionality on Truck Book Window

The Container No and Release No fields have been added to the grid on the Truck Book window. Also the size of this window is now remembered between sessions, as are the column positions (you can drag the column header of any column to a new position in the grid and the entire column will be relocated).

1127: Loads - Some Field Restrictions Removed

On the Load window, the Source - Release No field is now enabled for use even for loads out of storage, and the Destination - Delivery fields are enabled for use even for loads into storage. Previously, these fields were not able to used under those circumstances.

1126: Logos & Headings - New & Enhanced Layouts

In conjunction with the move to the new reporting engine (see Case 1125), we have made significant improvements to the way logos and headings are formatted and laid out on reports that have been migrated to the new engine. There are now no restrictions on logo shape or size, although as usual the best results will be achieved if your graphics designer produces an image of the desired size rather than have it resized at runtime. Company headings can be left, centre or right-aligned, with or without logo, or you can have just a logo and no company details. In addition, as reports are migrated to the new engine you will be able to assign them to your own heading templates so you will be able to use different layouts for different reports. For full details see DocsOnline at

1124: Total Rework of Supplier Payments

The system of paying suppliers has been totally reworked. You can now pay all types of invoices, whether batched or not, and in addition to paying by cheque you can now create an EFT file in ABA format to upload to your bank. Full documentation is on CDA DocsOnline at

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