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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.2

1162: Container No Now on Load Search Summary Report

On the Load Search Summary Report, the Driver Name field has been replaced by Container No.

1158: Improved Handling of Data Collisions

Under rare circumstances, where two or more people were performing the same type of work involving financial transactions, it could be possible for a transaction or load number to be duplicated. The program code has been extensively revised to avoid this possibility.

1184: Enhanced Search Functionality for Supplier & Buyer Transactions

The functionality of the Search box on the Transactions tab of the Supplier window has been enhanced, and has also been added to the Buyer window. You can now search by Batch No, Cred Ref (supplier)/Control No (buyer), Container No, Load No, or Tran No.

1163: Custom Reports Facility Now Available

As outlined in previous Release Notes, in the move to a new reporting engine Grain Trader now supports custom reports. As the existing standard reports are converted to the new engine, different variants may be made available either generally or to your specific design (the latter being a chargeable service). For these reports you can select which variant you wish to use from the new Utility | Custom Reports menu. Grain Trader also now supports fully customized reports with no existing equivalent, ie custom-written to your exact requirements (again, this is a chargeable service). These reports are accessed via the Reports | Custom Reports menu, which is only visible if such reports exist. For full details see CDA DocsOnline at

1165: Option to Print Non-Zero Metrics

Since version 3.2.5, metrics have not been printed on RCTIs/Tax Invoices if their dollar value was zero, even if they had a non-zero measurement. This is now governed by an option reached from the Utility | Global Options menu, Loads branch, in the "Other Options" list. When this option is ticked, non-zero metric measurement values are now shown on the RCTI/Tax Invoice; if the dollar value is zero the $0.00 dollar values are not shown. This modification is not retrospective.

1166: Batch Payments: Modifying Actual Payment Date

On the Batch Payment window, Process tab you can now modify the actual payment date at any time up until either EFT or Cheques have been committed. Previously you could only do this until either the EFT file was created or Cheques were printed.

1176: Batched Invoices - Unique Invoice Numbers

If you had not allocated Control No's (Tax Invoices) or Creditor Reference No's (RCTI's/RA's) to invoices, the invoice number shown when the batch was printed included a dash followed by the page number within the batch. This meant that if you reprinted an invoice for a single customer/supplier from the batch, the invoice number would always be "-1", being the first page in the print run. This has been changed so that invoices without control no's/creditor reference no's will always have the unique customer or supplier ID number appended instead of the page number.

1181: New Transaction Search Function

You can now search for a particular Transaction No without knowing the name of the account. Access this facility from the Utility | Transaction Search menu.

1182: Change Batch No for Transactions

You can now change the Batch No for an Invoice/RCTI-RA Batch from the Supplier/Buyer window, Transactions tab. You can either remove a transaction from a batch altogether, or move it into a different batch of the same type. Click the "Change Batch" button to display the Change Batch window in order to effect such a change.

1183: Container No Now Displayed on Supplier/Buyer Window

The Container No field is now displayed on the Transactions tab of the Supplier or Buyer window.

1153: Contract Position Report by Commodity Group

A new option is now available for the Contract Position Report. The new report is similar to the existing Detailed report by Commodity, but is grouped by Commodity Group as well. Overall totals for the Commodity Group are shown at the end of each Group, in addition to the totals for the individual Commodities.

1173: Printed Purchase Contracts for Partnerships

The GST status for a partnership is undefined, and thus a printed Purchase Contract could show incorrect information against the Taxation subheading. This has been changed so that if the commodity is GST-free the contract now shows "GST will not be added...", otherwise it displays "GST will be added... if applicable", ie the same as for single-supplier contracts. Note that the actual calculation of GST or withholding tax on payments for loads under such a contract has always been done at the time of processing and so was always correct, irrespective of whatever was printed on the contract.

1171: Payment Batch - Supplier Invoice Batch Might Not Be Shown

If the overall total amount outstanding for all invoices on a supplier RA/RCTI batch was less than or equal to zero the batch would not be offered for inclusion in a new Payment Batch, even if there were individual invoices with positive amounts outstanding. This has been changed; under these circumstances the total amount shown as outstanding for the RA/RCTI batch is now the total of those invoices with positive balances and excludes any with zero or negative balances. NOTE: this means you should ensure any payments or invoice reversals etc are linked to their associated invoices before the invoice is included in a Payment Batch, or the invoice could be paid unintentionally.

1151: Supplier Payment Batch Modification

If you had either created an EFT file or printed cheques (or ticked the Manual Cheques box) then changed a supplier's payment method from Cheque to EFT or vice versa before the payment batch was fully committed the supplier payment would not be committed by either method and you could not select the affected invoices to be paid in either the Supplier - Payment window or the Payment Batch window. This has been corrected; note that under these circumstances the change to the supplier's payment method is now ignored in any existing locked payment batches (ie cheques have been printed or an EFT file created). These changes should be made before the batch is locked if they are to take effect for that batch.

1143: Invoice Message on Loads Created From Orders

For loads created through the Orders module, the checkbox on the Load window that controls whether an invoice message (including the default message) will be printed on RCTIs/Invoices was not honouring the global default setting. This has been fixed.

1138: Load Window - Unnecessary Save Prompt

If you recalled a load in the Load window and made no changes you could still be prompted to Save Changes when closing the window. This has been fixed.

1185: Contract Could Be Shown Twice in Documents Outstanding Report

If you had saved a Contract with both Supplier and Customer sides configured (ie a back-to-back contract), and if the Sale Contract documents had not been marked as returned, the Purchase Contract could be shown twice in the Documents Outstanding report if the Purchase Contract had also not been returned, or once even if it had been returned. This has been fixed.

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