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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.3

1206: Pool Loads - Admin Fee Description Now User-Definable

The terminology used on RCTI/RAs for the administration deduction on Pool Loads is now user-definable on the Pool Payment window. Previously it was hard-coded to be "Co-op Fee"

1199: Batch Payments: 'Your Ref' Field Added

The "Creditor Reference" field (shown on the Payment Advice as "Your Ref") has been added to payment transaction records created using the Batch Payment facility.

1198: Contract Search - Changing 'Search By' Does Not Clear Search Text

On the Contract Lookup window, if text has been entered in the search box and you change the 'Search By' drop-down box to a different value, the text already entered is no longer cleared and the grid automatically reloads with the new data.

1195: New Program Update Advices

Grain Trader by default will now automatically check once per day whether a program update is available and if there is an update, advise the user by an unobtrusive popup box. This option can be turned off from the Utility | User Options window, Startup branch, however it is imperative that at least the main admin user enables it. In addition, Grain Trader will automatically advise the user when an update has been installed, and provide a link to the Release Notes. Providing this feature means we are now able to dispense with the need to send an email message when an update is available, and gives all users better access to the Release Notes.

1142: Contract Search Screen - Filter Contracts

If searching for a Contract by Supplier or Customer Alpha, the list is now restricted to only display Purchase or Sale contracts respectively. Previously, the list would include contracts where the searched-for alpha code was the other party in a back-to-back contract of the opposite type.

1118: New Unprocess Load Capability

If a load has been processed but not yet either included on a Levy Report or had its transactions included on a GST Report or (if applicable) exported to a General Ledger Transfer file, the load can now be unprocessed by the Admin user using the new Unprocess button on the Load window. When unprocessed, all financial transactions are deleted, storage effects are reversed and the load set back to unprocessed. It can then be either deleted, or changed and re-processed.

1207: QuickBooks GL Export - Purchase GST Codes

It has been brought to our attention that QuickBooks uses different GST Codes for Purchase transactions compared to Sales. Accordingly, when exporting Purchase Transactions in QuickBooks format, they will now be coded NCG for non-capital purchases subject to GST or NCF for non-capital purchases, GST-free. Note that when creating the transactions, the standard MYOB/QB Sales codes GST and FRE will still appear in drop-down lists etc. - the adjustment is made at the time of exporting the transactions.

1205: Manufactured Value Adding - Possible Incorrect Storage

It was possible to save the wrong storage code against an ingredient in a Manufactured Value Adding job, if the input commodity was changed and the Cancel (or "X" window close) button was clicked on the Select Storage popup window. If the OK button was clicked the issue did not arise. As there is no need for a Cancel button on the Select Storage window both it and the "X" close button have been removed, thus forcing the user to click OK or press <ENTER>, so the problem will not re-occur.

1204: Advanced Value Adding, Internal Job - Unable to Commit

Under certain conditions, rounding errors resulting in fractions of a cent could prevent the user being able to Commit an internal Advanced Value Adding job. This has been fixed.

1203: Commodity Storage Movement Detailed Report - Inwards Loads

For inwards loads reported on the Commodity Storage Movement Detailed report, the Pickup weight was being used instead of the Delivered weight. This has been fixed.

1192: EFT File Modification

Some banks require an additional record in the ABA-format EFT upload file. Files created by Grain Trader have been modified accordingly. The additional record should not cause any problems when uploading the file to banks that do not require it.

1191: Contract Window Load List Could Show Wrong Tonnage

If you created a reversed load which was linked to more than one original load (eg you used a single load reversal to negate several original loads) and the loads were all on a contract, the Loads grid on the Contract window would show the total reversed tonnage against each of the original loads instead of the portion attributable to each original load. The Contract Load Listing reports were correct. This has been corrected. Note that our recommendation is that when reversing loads you create one reversal load for each original load; in addition to avoiding this issue, this also removes the possibility of rounding differences resulting in different financial totals, requiring additional transactions to correct.

1194: Payment Due Date Might Not Reset When Load Date Changed

Under some circumstances, if you changed the load date after it was initially saved, the Payment Due Date might not be correctly recalculated. This has been fixed.

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