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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.5

1316: Supplier/Customer Listing - Output to CSV Modified

The Output to CSV option for Supplier or Customer listings has been modified to include the same data as is displayed on the Detailed report instead of the Summary report. As such it now also includes details that were not previously included eg NGR number, bank details etc. In addition the CSV file now also includes a row of column headings.

1319: Buyer Ref Now Shown on Load Invoice

If you enter text (max 15 characters) into the "Cust Ref" field on the Destination tab of the Load window, this text is now shown on the Buyer Load Invoice underneath any Delivery information, annotated "Your Ref:"

1320: "Other No/Cross Reference" Added to Partnership Records

A new field, "Other/Cross-reference No" has been added to the Supplier Partnership window. This has the same meaning as the similarly-captioned field on the Other tab of the Supplier (individual) window. It facilitates Load import from Bulk Handler text files, where the Bulk Handler does not use an NGR Number to identify growers.

1328: Commodity Stocktake - Default Average Cost

On the Commodity Stocktake window, the existing average cost is now automatically retrieved and entered as the default value when you select a commodity, storage and bin.

1329: Contract Window - Better Handling of Tab Key

On the Contract window, the {TAB} key sequence has been reordered to be more logical, and the selection of the correct leaf of the tab (ie Details/Others/Terms & Specs etc) when the input focus moves to a hidden control has been improved.

1330: Master/Remote Options Removed

For many years you have been able to configure Grain Trader to work in a Master/Remote manner. This allowed users to enter or edit Buyers, Suppliers and Contracts remotely in a copy of the database, but not to enter any transaction-based data. With the widespread availability of broadband Internet and Windows Terminal Services or alternatives this functionality is no longer required and it has therefore been removed.

1334: "Book Entry" Receipt Now Optionally Included on Bank Rec

If you are using Grain Trader's Bank Reconciliation features, a checkbox has been added to the Receipt window to cause a receipt of type Book Entry to appear on the Bank Reconciliation window. The checkbox is ticked by default and has no effect for other receipt types.

1335: New & Extended Load Import Functionality

The capability built into Grain Trader to import loads from text files whose structure has been previously defined has been enhanced, extended and consolidated under the new Utility | Import | Loads from Defined Format File menu. The new Utility | Import | Manage Defined Import Formats menu supports this functionality. The new capability is fully documented at DocsOnline at
These functions supersede the old Import from GrainCorp file functions (see Case 1074), and the old Import from Remote Database functions have been removed (see Case 1330).

1340: New Supplier & Customer Load Summary Reports

An alternative to the existing Supplier and Customer Load Summary Reports is now available. The reports can now be printed showing up to 7 metrics (measurements only), but no pricing details. Select which type of report you want to print from the same report selections window as for the existing report. Note that the new reports are implemented using the new reporting engine, and as such have the enhanced heading/logo options accessed via the Utility | Global Options menu, Headings | New Reports branch. These reports are designed by default to display your logo (if so configured) and Company details, left-aligned. You will need to store the logo image if you have not already done so for this report template, which will be created if it does not exist when this upgrade is installed.

1344: Changes to Contract SAF & PAF

The maximum text length for Contract Purchase or Sales Amendment Forms has been increased from 255 to 4000. In addition you are now able to select the date to be recorded for the SAF or PAF.

1357: Commodity Storage Movement Summary Report Changes

The Commodity Storage Movement Summary reports have been converted to the new reporting engine, which means you can set the advanced logo and heading options available from the Utility | Global Options menu, Headings - New Reports branch, and usage and print copies options from the Utility | Report Options menu. In addition a third variant of the report is now available, grouped and subtotalled by Bin No. Note that this variant also uses Clean Seed rather than Gross weights; please send us feedback if you would like a version of this report that uses Gross Weights, or Clean Seed weight options for the pre-existing reports.

1359: Load Processing Date Now Displayed on Load Window

The actual date on which a load is Processed is now displayed at the top of the Load window, just underneath the "Record" display. This date is for your information only; it is not editable and is not reportable nor shown on any invoice etc. This feature applies fully only for loads processed after this version is installed; loads processed prior to this time just show "Processed" without a date.

1074: GrainCorp Load Import Extended & Renamed

The existing functionality to import loads from GrainCorp acquisition files has been made more generic, renamed to Bulk Handler Import, and consolidated within the new Import | Loads From Defined Format File function (see Case 1335). At this time we have added support for Viterra Acquisition files but additional bulk handlers may be added as required. The import of loads from partnerships is also now supported, and the Apply Royalty checkbox is automatically ticked if both the supplier and variety are so flagged. Please note that in order to introduce these improvements the mechanisms for storing the cross-reference values for metrics have significantly changed. The import procedures are fully documented on Docs Online at

1211: Export of Load Truck Data & Import Into Another Grain Trader Database

As part of the extensive rework of the Load Import capabilities of Grain Trader, you are now able to set up two Grain Trader databases so that load carrier data for a specific carrier can be exported from one (eg trading) database and subsequently imported into a separate Grain Trader (eg Transport subsidiary company) database, with the originating (eg trading) company as the debtor. This may be of use to clients who operate their own trucks as a separate company. See DocsOnline at for full details.

1075: Bulk Handler (was GrainCorp) Import - Option to Skip Loads With Missing Contracts

Additional options are now available for handling mismatched or missing contracts when importing loads from Bulk Handler text files (see Case 1074), including skipping the load. See DocsOnline at for full details.

1250: Receipts Excluded from GST Report

Receipts made via EFT deposit and off the Bank Statement were being included in the "Unknown & Undefined" group on the GST Report. Although there was no effect on the totals, these items should not be included in an accrual report and are now excluded from it.

1282: Contracts - "Storage Only" Checkbox Wasn't Flagging Save Needed

If you changed the state of the "Storage Only" checkbox on the Contract window and nothing else, you were not being prompted to save your changes when closing the window. This has been fixed.

1283: Changing Supplier on Load May Not Update Contract Graph

If you changed the Supplier on a saved Load, and the Load had been against a Contract with the previous Supplier, the graphical display at the bottom of the Contract window for the original Contract might not be updated to reflect the change. Load Listings and Contract reports were correct; only the graph was in error. This has been fixed.

1287: Re-Batching Transactions Removed From Batch

If you used the Change Batch button on the Transactions tab of a Supplier or Buyer window to remove a transaction from a batch, that transaction would not re-appear in the list available for batching on the Batch Print window. It could however be allocated to another existing batch using the Change Batch button. These transactions now do appear on the Batch Print window.

1288: Zero-Value Loads: Quantity Not Printing

A change was made in version 3.3.2 to optionally allow the printing of metric values, without dollar values, on loads even if the dollar value of the metric was zero. This had the unintended effect of suppressing the printing of the load tonnage if the dollar value of the load itself was zero. This has been corrected.

1290: Carrier RCTI From Goods Invoice/Goods Inwards Invoice

If you created a carrier transaction from either the Customer Goods Invoice or Supplier Goods Inwards Invoice, and the carrier invoice had not been batched, you could get a "Nothing to Print" message when trying to reprint the carrier RCTI/RA. This has been fixed.

1291: Supplier/Customer Credit Limit: Invalid Use of Null

If you deleted the value in the Credit Limit box for either a Supplier or a Customer and then immediately clicked the window's Close button, a Null value would be saved to the database. This would later generate errors when performing a Credit Limit check for that account (eg when raising invoices). This has been fixed; a zero (indicating no limit) is now saved instead.

1307: Supplier/Buyer Transaction Search: Error Avoided

In the Supplier or Buyer window, Transaction Search feature, if you searched for either Batch No or Tran No there was no error checking that you had entered numbers in the Search For box. If you had not, an Error 13: Type Mismatch would be generated. This has been fixed.

1339: Pool Commodities on Supplier Load Summary Report

The Supplier Load Summary Report did not include loads for Pool Commodities until such time as a payment was made to the supplier for that load. This has been changed so that these loads are now always included.

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