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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.6/3.3.7

Note: Version 3.3.6 was not generally released

1438: Microsoft Windows Update Causes Grain Trader Error

The Microsoft Windows Update designed to address security issue KB2698365 removed a Windows feature that was used by a support file that was in turn used by Grain Trader. This would result in multiple successive errors when for example opening the Orders List, Order, or Value Added - Manufactured windows. This has been fixed.

1439: Royalty Combo Invoice Amounts Not Reported Correctly in Departments

Some of the transactions created when processing a load involving End Point Royalties and creating the subsequent batched Royalty Combo RCTI/Tax Invoice were not being correctly reported in the Purchase and Sales Department reports. This has been corrected.

1098: Orders Now Appear on Orders Tab of Contract Window

The Orders tab of the Contract window now displays a list of Orders that either fulfill or have allocations against that contract.

1178: New Payment Advice Report

A new Payment Advice report is available for payments made using the Batch - Pay Suppliers module. The report is accessed from the Print Advice button on the Payment Batch window, Process/Commit Batch tab.

1406: Loads Dispatch Advice

The Despatch Advice report, which can be printed from the Load window, now includes the Variety Name, if any.

1407: Storage by Name Report - Line Number Field Widened

The printed Storage By Name report might truncate the Line Number displayed, depending on the individual characters making up the value. The width allowed for this field has been increased.

1408: Value Adding Intermediate Work Order - Comments box

Provision to add comments of up to 255 characters has been added to the Value Adding - Intermediate window.

1409: Value Adding Intermediate - Drop-Down List Text

On the Value Adding - Intermediate window, all drop-down boxes now automatically resize themselves to fit the longest item in the list when it is dropped down.

1410: Value Adding Intermediate - Copy to Output Button

A Copy to Output button has been added to the Value Adding - Intermediate window. When clicked, the Outputs grid is first emptied, then the contents of the Inputs grid are copied to the Outputs grid.

1411: Value Adding Intermediate - Printed Copy

A summary of the Value Added - Intermediate work order can now be printed from a Print button on the work order window.

1415: Contract Summary Report Grouped by Trader

The Contract Summary report when grouped by Trader now begins each Trader on a new page.

1091: Unticking Storage Only Load Not Resetting Levies

If you have a load from a grower who would normally be subject to paying levies, and after selecting the commodity and grower etc tick the Storage Only checkbox, the Levy checkboxes are all set to unticked (and disabled). If you then untick the Storage Only checkbox, the levy checkboxes were not being reset to the correct default values for that grower and commodity. This has been fixed.

1266: Orders - Linked Contracts Both Display in Selection List

On the Orders window, Details tab, if a Purchase and Sale contract were linked (using the Others tab of the Contract window), both would appear in the drop-down box instead of only either the Purchase contract for a source-fixed Order or Sale contract for a destination-fixed Order. This has been fixed.

1337: Orders - Rounding Error

If you created an Order for less than 1 tonne, the Carrier and Supplier GMA reports would round the quantity to 1 tonne. This has been fixed.

1343: Advanced Value Adding - GST not being added to invoice

When an Advanced Value Adding job with charges to a client was finalised and the charges were set to have GST added, GST was not being added. This has been fixed.

1372: Manufactured Value Adding Error if Storage Inactive

If you reloaded a Manufactured Value Adding job that had been finalised and any of the commodities or storages had been set to Inactive since the job was finalised, you would get an Error 381: Invalid property array index. This has been fixed.

1373: Manufactured Value Adding - Reversed Job Total Reported

If you reversed a Manufactured Value Adding job, the Commodity Movement Detailed report would show $0 for the job total, instead of the negative amount. This has been fixed.

1374: Manufactured Value Adding - Rounding Errors on Job Report

Rounding errors on the Manufactured Value Adding Job sheet report meant that the report totals could vary from that shown on the program window by a few cents. This has been fixed. In addition, ingredient lists on reports and the window are now sorted by inclusion rate in descending order.

1397: Manufactured Value Adding - Updating Storage Could Be Skipped When Updating Ingredient

If you changed an Ingredient in a Formula for a Manufactured Commodity you were not forced to select a new source Storage for the new Ingredient, so it was possible that the incorrect Storage location would be retained in the Formula. This would lead to unexpected consequences when processing Manufactured Value Adding jobs later. This has been changed; when an Ingredient is changed you are now prompted to select the new Storage.

1420: Contract Numbers Could Be Duplicated

Under some circumstances it was possible to change the Contract Number for an existing contract to a number that was already in use, and for this not to be picked up when saving the contract. This has been fixed.

1424: Load Alpha Truncated on Contract Load List Report

The Contract Load Listing report was set to display up to 10 characters for the Load Alpha. This was insufficient if you were for example using the 12-digit Graincorp ticket number for the Load Alpha. The report now displays up to the maximum 15 characters allowed for this field.

1426: Date Range on Department Summary Reports

When printing the Department Summary report with a custom date range for part of a month, the report would always show the full month's values. This has been fixed; the report now shows the totals for only the exact date range selected.

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