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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.9

1363: Orders - Search by Trader; New Report

A new field, Trader, has been added to the Order window. It is populated from the same managed list as is used in Contracts (from the Utility | List Management window). On the Select Order window, an option to search by Trader has been added to the existing options. A new report has also been added which is a straightforward summary list of all orders currently displayed in the Select Order window. Access the new report from the Print List button on the window.

1451: Extra Truck Book Reports

Two new reports, Daily Trip Sheet and Truck Planning Sheet, have been added to the Truck Book. Select the reports from the drop-down list on the Truck Book window. The reports display information for the same set of records as are currently displayed on the Truck Book window.

1515: Contract Window - Show Individual Tonnages Checkbox

The state of the Show Indovodual Tonnages checkbox on the Contract window is now remembered when the window is closed and restored when it is next opened.

1524: Buyer Load Invoices Modified

The Buyer Load Invoice and Buyer Load Invoice with Remittance Slip have been slightly modified to show the invoice total before GST as well as the GST amount and overall total.

1525: Supplier & Customer Window Balances & Transaction List Updates

When you save or process as applicable a Load, generic or goods invoice, adjustment note or payment/receipt, and the supplier or customer window for that account is being displayed, the account balances and transaction lists are now immediately updated to reflect the new transaction.

1526: Account Cannot Be Made Inactive if Balance Exists

It was possible to set an account (supplier or customer) to be inactive even if there was a balance on their account. This could result in unexpected and unexplained differences in monthly reconciliations which are time-consuming and difficult to detect. This has therefore been changed so that you cannot set an account to be inactive if a balance exists.

1531: Contract Load List - Weighbridge Ticket Field Widened

The space allocated to print the Weighbridge Ticket no on the Contract Load list (as printed from the Contract window) has been increased to allow for at least all 12 digits of a Graincorp ticket number.

1537: Additional Option on Contract Reports

You now have the option to include contracts marked as Deliveries Complete but not Contract Complete on the Contract Detailed Position reports.

1533: Viterra Import Configuration File Changed

Loads imported from a Viterra Acquisition file might have an incorrect load date of 31/12/1899. Also if you were importing loads of Canola on which the bulk handler had already applied an Admix weight adjustment, the shrunk weight would be imported as the delivered weight, which Grain Trader would then re-apply an Admix adjustment to. These issues have been fixed; two new format definition files ViterraShrunk_Acq.idf and ViterraUnshrunk_Acq.idf are provided in the latest patch to give you additional flexibility, and the previous file Viterra_Acq.idf will be deleted. If you have previously imported loads using the old definition file you will need to select the new definition file as appropriate before doing another import.

1536: Payment Due Dates on Cash Price Loads Imported From Bulk Handler

Loads imported from a Bulk Handler (eg Graincorp) file that were not on a purchase contract might be saved with your defined payment terms for non-commodity suppliers instead of commodity suppliers. This has been fixed.

1529: Contract Quantities Not Updated for Loads Imported from Weighbridge

When an incoming load was imported from a Weighbridge database, the contract supplied quantities were not being updated correctly. This was reflected in the values displayed on the Contract window, the Contract Search window and the Contract Position report. The situation automatically corrected itself as soon as the load was processed, or changed and re-saved, in Grain Trader. This has been fixed.

1517: Load Search - Output to File With Seal No's 1-4

If you were selecting the Output to File option on a Load Search report, and selected Seal No's 1-4 to be included in the output together with Field captions in the header row, only one header caption would be output for the four Seal No columns, resulting in any remaining columns being out of sync with their header captions. This has been fixed.

1520: Admix-Type Deduction on Partnership Loads

Admix-type weight adjustments on partnership loads were incorrectly applying the total weight deduction to each partner, not just their share, in the invoice detail lines. Whilst the supplier RCTI total was correct however, the Purchase Department detailed reports would show the incorrect amount for the Admix adjustment and GST component against that transaction. This has been fixed.

1521: Contract Window - Partnership Loads

When a purchase contract for a partnership is marked Contract Complete and saved, then the contract was displayed on the Contract window again the totals shown on the Contract window for Total Supplied and Non-Contracted Qty Supplied would be wrong. Contract Load Listings etc were correct. This has been fixed.

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