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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.10

1346: Commodity Report

A new report, Commodity List, has been added to Reports / Commodities. This report gives a list of Commodities by Type or Group or Department.

1489: New Brokerage Contract

A new Broker Contract type has been implemented. Create a Broker contract in a similar way to a Purchase or Sale contract, from the Contract Search window. Note that both Seller and Buyer on a Broker contract must be Grain Trader customers. Also note the headers on the Broker contract can be customised using the Global Options - Headings - New Reports options and Utility | Report Options window, and that if email addresses are recorded for seller and/or buyer the contract can easily be emailed from the Export button on the Print Preview window.

1552: Orders - Optionally Print Delivery Details on Supplier GMA

You can now optionally print delivery details as recorded for an Order on the Supplier Goods Movement Advice report. The option can be toggled using the checkbox on the Utility | Global Options window, Orders - Supplier GMA branch.

1553: Contract Position Summary Report - Multigrade Option

When printing the Contract Position Summary report you now have the option to show individual grades/commodities on multigrade contracts.

1558: Offers Tabs for Suppliers & Buyers

An "Offers & Bids" system has been implemented in the system. These can be accessed through the Customer or Supplier accounts screen. A report is also available.

1544: Select Contract Window Now Restores Top, Height

Grain Trader "remembered" the last-used left position and width of the Select Contract window and restored them the next time the window was opened. This has been extended to include the top and height of the window as well.

1567: New Contacts System

Contact details for suppliers and customers have been merged into a unified subsystem. You can now have from one to any number of contacts per account, irrespective of whether they are a supplier, a customer, or both. Contacts can be assigned a Type and a Reference. Initially the following Types are defined: Street address, Postal address, Street/Postal address, Person and Trader. Additional Types can be defined using the existing Utility | List Management facility. The Reference field is entirely user-defined, and initially is set to the town/city name. Contacts can be managed (added, modified or deleted) using the Manage button on either the Supplier or Customer window, Contacts tab, where you will also find icons if you have stored email addresses or mobile phone numbers. In version 3.3.10, when clicking the email icon your email client will be opened with a message addressed to that person; in a future version clicking the SMS icon will allow you to send an SMS message to that person, provided you have arranged an account with with a compatible internet-based SMS provider and defined the details in Grain Trader options. If you record latitude and longitude coordinates for the contact you will be able to display that location in Google Maps, provided you have the appropriate Google Maps authority and have recorded the details in Grain Trader options. This process is fully documented at Note that when this version is installed, any address inconsistencies found when migrating existing linked suppliers and customers to the new subsystem will be identified in a log file which you will be prompted to review so that the inconsistencies can be resolved, every time a Grain Trader database with inconsistencies is opened, until the file is deleted (which can be done from within Grain Trader). At worst, these might result in incorrect addresses being used on customer invoices, statements etc, so it is vital that this be done at the earliest opportunity. Also note that initially the default postal address will be displayed on all documents until they are progressively reworked over the next version or so to allow a specific address to be selected.

1574: Load Summary Reports - Added Region Filter

A "Region" filter has been added to the Customer and Supplier Load reports.

1583: Financial Summary Tab - Print Button

The Financial Summary of a load can now be printed from the "Financial Tab" of the Loads screen.

1589: Add "View Load" button to Carrier Transaction Screen

The View Load button has now been added to the Carrier Transaction screen.

1590: Copy to New button on Supplier Invoice

Supplier Invoice - Copy to New. This new feature allows the operator to re-call a Supplier Invoice and then copy the contents of the Invoice to a new Invoice. The New Invoice can then be modified and added to before being saved and printed. This option is only available to Dept. Invoices.

1593: Order No Shown on Customer Load Summary

The Customer Load Summary report now displays the Order No, if present.

1597: Add "Not Owned" option to storage sites

This new option on Storage Sites allows you to mark storage sites where you do not own the commodity in this site. This tonnage is also excluded from Qty On Hand calculations on Position Reports.

1599: Additional Deductions Grid on Load Source tab.

An "Additional Charges" grid has been added to the Source tab of the Load screen. This will allow multiple Charges and Deductions to be applied to the Suppliers RCTI.

1595: Supplier Load Summary - by Variety

A new Load report has been added to the system. This report lists Supplier Loads by Variety, a selected period and totals the tonnages.

1619: Carrier Load Summary Report

A new report has been added under the Reports / Loads menu. This report displays loads by Carrier for a given date range.

1570: Detailed Contract Position Report on Multigrade Contracts

If you record estimated quantities for one or more commodities on a multigrade contract, the Detailed Contract Position Report now shows each commodity individually for that contract. If you do not record estimated quantities the report is still summarised by the first (or only) commodity for that contract, as has been the case in the past.

1571: Restrict modification of Order Loads

If a load has been created using the Orders module, then edited using the Load window, after which the details for the Order on which it was created is re-saved, the Load details can be left in an indeterminate state, resulting in errors. To avoid this, you cannot now edit some fields on a Load window if the load was created from an Order. If you need to change any of these fields you should change them through the Orders window, creating a new Allocation and deleting the original load if necessary.

1545: Carrier Transaction Date on Loads into Storage

If you entered a load into a storage (without a customer) on a date after it physically occurred, the the date for the carrier transaction would be the date on which the load was entered, not the date of the load. This has been fixed; the carrier transaction is now dated as the load delivery date.

1560: Department Summary Report

An inadvertent mistake in a change in version 3.3.4 meant that when printing the Department Summary Report for a period commencing within the first month of a financial year and extending past the end of that month, transactions dated on the last day of the first month were omitted from the report. This has been fixed. The Department Detailed reports were correct.

1562: Invoice Window Hidden Behind Supplier/Buyer Window

When processing a Buyer Goods Invoice, from version 3.3.9 the Goods Invoice window was being hidden behind the Buyer window after the Transaction List grid and balance displays on the latter were updated with the new charges. This was inconvenient if you wanted to print a Dispatch Advice from the Goods Invoice window. This has been fixed.

1540: Load Date Locks to Based on Load Tran Dates

When processing invoices etc, the dates are checked to be within the range allowed by the global Transaction Date Locks. For Loads the load dates were being used; this has been changed to use the new load Transaction Date dates.

1543: Contract Footer Text - Embedded Carriage Returns

If you accidentally inserted carriage returns in the Contract Footer Text you would experience an error "The matching ' for this string is missing" generated by the Crystal Reports reporting engine. This has been fixed.

1610: Weighbridge Ticket No on Supplier RCTI

The space allocated to the Weighbridge Ticket No on a supplier RCTI has been increased slightly to allow for a 10th digit.

1594: Expand Load Form to enable enlargment of Additional Charges Grid

The Additional Charges grid has been expanded so that more lines can be viewed at one time.

1596: Error 381 On Reprint Batch Window

If you had more than 32,767 batches (of all types combined), you would get an Error 381 - Invalid Property Array Index when opening the Reprint Batch window. After acknowledging the error the window would continue to load as normal and no other effects would normally be noticed, although in fact the very oldest batches would not be listed. The Reprint Batch window has been reworked so that this issue will no longer occur. As part of this rework you can now select the type of batch to be listed for selection, and the list is populated much more quickly.

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