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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.12

1677: Date Entry Boxes on Contract Window Updated

The date entry boxes on the Contract window might have exhibited unusually-formatted dates for some users. This effect was random in nature between different workstations although consistent on affected workstations. The component providing this functionality has been updated so all date boxes should now show the date in an Australian (dd-mmm-yyyy) format. (Printed documentation was not affected.)

1676: Unnecessary Popup Message on Imported Loads

Version 3.3.11 introduced the capability to have a different commodity on printed RCTIs/Tax Invoices to that selected on the Load window. However loads imported from either GT Weighbridge or a Bulk Handler file do not have this attribute when imported, and when these loads were subsequently first opened in Grain Trader a message would pop up advising that the optional commodity had been changed to the load commodity. There were no adverse effects other than the unnecessary message box. This has been resolved.

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