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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.13

1679: Creditor References - Payments

In the interests of consistent terminology, version 3.3.11 introduced some changes to the contents of Creditor Reference and Order No fields. For payments to suppliers, this had the unintended consequence of replacing the creditor reference number of the invoice (if any) that was shown on the Payment Advice with payment details (eg Batch No). This change has now been reverted to the previous configuration.

1680: Generic Invoice Copy to New Doesn't Flag Department Changed

If you used the "Copy to New" button on either the supplier or customer generic invoice window, purchase or sales departments on the new invoice were not being flagged as having had transactions during that month. If there were no other transactions in a period for that department the value would not be shown on the relevant Transaction Summary report, although the Detailed reports were correct and if other transactions existed the summary report would also be correct. This has been fixed.

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