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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.14

1684: Customer Finance - Invoice Text Changes

If you use Customer Finance you can have a different bank account for customer receipts, and the different bank details and descriptive text print on all customer invoice types. For the Customer Finance option only, the maximum size of the descriptive text field has been increased to 255 characters, but the other fields (Account Name, Bank Name, Branch Name, BSB and Account No) have been removed. This allows much greater flexibility in the text. This upgrade automatically concatenates relevant information to produce a default descriptive text but you should check this on the Global Options window, Banking - Customer Finance branch.

1686: Contract Position Summary Report by Commodity Group

The Contract Position Summary report can now be printed grouped by Commodity Group.

1688: EFT File Changed

Whilst most banks do not require a Lodgement Reference on the debit summary line of the ABA-format EFT file, at least one bank does. Accordingly the file format has been amended to include the Payment Batch number in this field.

1683: No Default Postal Address Stopped G/L Export of Transaction

If you had a Supplier or Customer account that had no default Postal Address, any transactions related to that account would not be exported to a General Ledger transfer file. This has been fixed (XRef information will not be available in the exported record).

1691: Creditor Load Additional Charges

Under some circumstances, additional charges recorded on the Source tab of the Load window might be assigned to the incorrect department in the Department Detailed report, or not at all. This has been fixed, including any affected records already processed.

1690: Unacceptable Load/Transaction Dates

If you had a saved Load with transaction date(s) that had been rendered unacceptable (as specified by the global defaults) due to a crossover to a new month, and then recalled that load and clicked on either the Load or Transaction date box, you would get an endless loop of error messages. This has been changed; under those circumstances users will now get a single error message (for each date box either tabbed to or clicked on), and they will be able to move to other data entry boxes or click Cancel. The load will still not be able to be re-saved or processed until either the transaction dates are changed or the Date Locks relaxed.

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