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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.15

1696: Utility - Load Search Detailed Reports Updated

Customer Additional Charges on the Load Search Detailed report were being added to the product cost and averaged to calculate the unit price, based on the delivered tonnes. This was meaningless because you can enter multiple charges with different quantities. The report has been changed to show the total amount of Additional Charges separately to the product cost, with no quantity. Also the Load Detail Extended report could show incorrect values for  freight quantity and Customer Additional Charges total. These have been corrected.

1711: Deduct Royalties Sync With Levies

You have been able to deduct End Point Royalties from loads since version 3.0.16, however after the initial introduction of this feature there was no semi-automatic way of ensuring the controlling checkbox on the Supplier window was checked for likely suppliers. From this version, when you check any of the Levy checkboxes you will be prompted whether to automatically also check the Deduct Royalties checkbox if it is not already checked. The database design update for this version will also prompt you whether to automatically set this option if it is not already set for any suppliers from whom you deduct levies.

1734: Stocktake Used To Automatically Calculate On-Hand Values

The prompt whether to update the values for Quantity On Hand and Average Cost shown on the Commodity window, Storages tab after a Stocktake entry has been saved has been removed. The update is now done automatically without prompting, as there is no reason for it not to be done.

1735: Virtual Stocktake Changes

Before performing a Virtual Stocktake (All commodities), if there are any commodities + storages with existing stocktakes on the same selected date you are now prompted whether to overwrite or skip the existing stocktake. In addition, the current stock on hand, average cost and average metrics, as displayed on the Commodity window, Storages tab, are now automatically updated.

1737: Orders - Multigrade Contracts

For Loads created using the Orders module, you can now select a different commodity grade from those available on the Contract, using the Order Load window (Edit button on the Allocation Loads panel). Note that if the Order,  Allocation or any other Load is later modified and saved using the Orders system the commodity will be reset to the default unless you have also marked the changed Load as Load Complete. This can be done from the Order Load window or the Load window proper (see Case 1755).

1751: Orders - Delete Allocation

In the Orders module, you can now delete an Allocation and all its Loads, provided none of the Loads have been processed.

1755: "Load Complete" Checkbox

A "Load Complete" checkbox has been added to the Load window and also the Order Load window within the Orders module. Loads marked as Load Complete cannot be changed unless reset to not complete by unticking the checkbox. The primary reason for this is to protect Loads created using the Orders module that have been manually changed from subsequently having their data reset to the default values provided by the Order and/or Allocation. A future version will also provide a new Loads Complete But Not Processed report. Processing a load automatically marks it as Complete, however Unprocessing a Load will not do the opposite.

1763: Orders - Automatic Reloading of Select Order Window Removed

To expedite use of the Select Order window, the grid is now not automatically loaded with all uncompleted Orders. It is only loaded when you either enter a search value or click the new Browse All button. In addition, when returning to the Select Order window from the Order window, the grid is only updated for the just-viewed Order rather than a complete reload.

1764: Attache GL Export - Optionally Exclude GST Code From Levy Transactions

A new global option has been provided for General Ledger export in QuickBooks format. You can now optionally exclude any GST code from the export transaction for Levy transactions.

1758: Import GrainCorp Grower Deliveries Files

You can now import GrainCorp Grower Delivery files using the Defined Format Import functions. Loads are imprted as Warehouse loads only.

1754: Orders - Can Change Sell Price on Load Window

You can now change the Sell price on the Load window for loads (to a customer) created using the Orders module. This allows for adjustments due to (for example) drought freight subsidies etc.

1749: MYOB AccountRight 2013 GL Export Format Added

MYOB AccountRight 2013 has been added to the list of supported General Ledger transaction export formats.

1748: Apply Royalty Checkbox on Loads Imported From Weighbridge

If you imported a load from GT Weighbridge for a Commodity and Variety configured for Royalties, the Deduct Royalty checkbox was not being automatically ticked if the supplier was also configured to pay royalties. This has been fixed.

1725: Error Reloading Manufactured Batch Value Adding Job

From version 3.3.6, when reloading an existing Manufactured Batch Value Adding job you might get an Error -2147220989: "This key is already associated with an element of this collection". This has been fixed.

1726: New Customer or Supplier Might Show Random Contacts

When entering a new Supplier or Customer record, the new record might show random Contact details before it has been first saved. The random contacts disappeared as soon as the new record was first saved and no undesirable effects existed. This issue has been fixed.

1708: Truck Income on Truck Window

The Income tab on the Truck window was calculating gross income per load based on Pickup weight instead of Delivered weight, which is used everywhere else including on the Truck Report. This has been fixed.

1710: Receipt Reference No Now Printed on Deposit Slip

If you print Deposit Slips using Grain Trader, the text entered into the "Reference Number" field on the Receipt window is now printed on the Deposit Slip.

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