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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.16

1786: Contact Details No Longer Sourced From Default Street Address

Case 1567 introduced the new Contacts subsystem in version 3.3.10. Until all reports have been updated to use the new subsystem, some details still source data from the old (more restrictive) data fields. In this interim period, some data from the account's Default Street Contact was being duplicated in the old data fields. This has been found to be too restrictive, so the system has been modified to use the first available data from the new subsystem, looking first at the contact with the default Street Address, then the default Postal Address, followed by any other contacts.

1784: Main Window Background Colour Linked to Database

You can now change the background colour of the main window. This can be set for each individual database in use, so you can have different colours for different databases to give users a visual clue regarding which database is currently in use. Set this option from the Utility | Global Options window, General Defaults - Main Window Background branch. Note however that if you have set a background image that occupies the entire client area of the window, the background colour will of course not actually be visible.

1785: Commodity Sales by Month Report

An option has been added to the Commodity Purchase and Sales History Reports to show details by month, for up to a 12-month period.

1794: Adjustment Notes: Auto-Populate Original Invoice Fields

The Adjustment Note window has been modified to provide an ellipsis (...) button beside the Transaction Number box in the Original Invoice panel. When you enter a valid invoice Tran Number for the account in the box and click the button, the remaining fields in the Original Invoice panel are now automatically populated from the database.

1797: New Fields Available for Generic Text Import

The following additional fields are now available for the generic text file load import functions: Pickup/Delivery; Creditor Reference No/Control No; Carrier Cost; Carrier Km; Driver and Comments. You can now also use the XRef field to identify a Supplier or Customer (as an alternative to using the NGR number to identify a supplier), and the functions support the Contacts subsystem introduced in version 3.3.10.

1630: Contract Default Other Terms & Specs Now a Global Option

When creating a new contract, the "Special Terms & Conditions" box (Purchase & Sale contracts) or "Other Terms & Conditions" (Broker Notes) can now be pre-populated with default values saved under Global Options | Contracts. Once thus pre-populated the contents can be edited as usual.

1724: Printed Purchase & Sale Contracts Converted to New Engine

Printed Purchase and Sales Contracts have been converted to the new reporting engine and can therefore be configured with more flexible heading & logo options and direct email via the Export Wizard. Contracts now also use the Contacts subsystem - see Job #1801 for more details.

1730: Xero Accounting System Added to General Ledger Export Formats

The Xero acoounting system has been added to the list of available General Ledger Export formats. Due to the need for external dependent support files and specialist programming expertise this optional module is available to clients at extra cost - contact us for details.

1739: Customer Load Invoices Converted to New Report Engine

The Customer Load Invoice has been converted to the new report engine, meaning you now have full control over logo and heading text options, and we can create customised version for you if required (at your cost). In addition a landscape version has been introduced to allow  more room for each field. The new engine also provides the new Email/Print funcionality as described under Job #1857, and uses the Contacts subsystem (see Job #1801 for details). You can also optionally print a credit card payment section on the remittance slip (if printed). See Global Options | Banking | Customer Payments for remittance slip and credit card options.

1745: Debtor & Creditor Statements Converted to New Report Engine

The Debtor and Creditor Statements have been migrated to the new reporting engine, meaning that you now have full control over logo size and logo and heading text placement, and we are able to design a customised version for you (at your cost) if required. These reports also include the new Email/Print functionality as described under Job #1857, and use the Contacts subsystem (see Job #1801 for details). For Customer Statements, you can also optionally print a credit card payment section on the remittance slip. See Global Options | Banking | Customer Payments for credit card options.

1768: Supplier RCTI/RA Converted to New Report Engine

The Supplier RCTI/Remittance Advice has been converted to the new report engine, meaning you now have full control over logo and heading text options, and we can create customised version for you if required (at your cost). In addition a landscape version has been introduced to allow more room for each field. The new engine also provides the new Email/Print functionality as described under Job #1857, and uses the Contacts subsystem as described under Job #1801.

1809: Contacts - Accept Emailed Documents

As more reports are converted to the new reporting engine, easier and more comprehensive functionality becomes available to send them by email. However some suppliers and customers may still prefer to receive printed copies, even though they may have one or more email addresses. A new field has been added to each Contact, "Contact accepts emailed documents", which governs the option of sending reports via email to that contact. By default, all contacts with email addresses are set to accept emailed reports when this version is installed.

1814: New Option: Credit Card Details On Remittance Slip

Following on from Job 1745, Statements Converted to New Reporting Engine, a new option has been added to Global Options - Banking, to display fields for customers to enter Credit Card details on the remittance slip. Previously this was only available with one of the 3 variants of Customer Statements. You can also identify which credit cards you will accept, and add a note (eg regarding surcharges etc). Find these settings under Global Options - Banking - Customer Payments.

1801: Contracts Now Support Contacts Subsystem

Contracts now support the new Contacts subsystem introduced in version 3.3.10 (Case 1567). Instead of manually entering contact details for a contract, you can now select from a drop-down list of contacts available for the account. In addition to the Trader contact (to whom the printed or email contract would normally be sent) you can also now select the Invoice contact (to whom the invoices and/or payment advices would be sent). The database design upgrade for this version attempts to match a contact that has been manually entered on a contract with one of those available, but if no match can be determined the default Postal, Street or first available contact is linked to each existing contract. For more changes in the Contracts area see Case 1724.

1802: Cannot Delete a Contact That Is In Use

You can now no longer delete a Contact, if that Contact has been associated with other records (eg Contracts). In this case the Contact will be made Inactive instead, to preserve data integrity.

1833: Commodity Metrics Can Be Deleted and Display Sequence Changed

You can now delete or change the display sequence of Commodity Metrics, from the Commodity - Bonuses and Deductions grid. Changes are effective for all existing and new loads and reports, except that RCTIs and Tax Invoices for loads already processed are NOT affected.

1851: Goods Movement Authority Changes

The footnote text was inadvertently omitted from the Carrier Goods Movement Authority during the conversion to the new reporting engine. This has now been fixed. Also some minor layout changes have been made to improve the visibility of important information.

1857: New Ability to Automatically Email Documents Where Possible, Otherwise Print

In cases where you may have reports that include pages for a number of different accounts (eg Customer Statements, Batch Prints of RCTIs & Tax Invoices etc), you can now have the program automatically email some pages as a pdf file and print the rest. You invoke this functionality by clicking the new "Email/Print" toolbar button on the Print Preview window. Where an account in the report has a valid email address allocated to the default postal contact and that contact has been marked "Accepts emailed documents" (see Job 1859), that account's pages are not printed but are automatically extracted into a pdf file and emailed using a background (invisible) process. Otherwise, or if the saved email address is not valid or the email process fails, the pages are printed in the normal way. Note that this functionality requires you to save your email sending configuration details found in the Utility | Global Options - Email (Sending) branch. If you are unsure of these settings contact your IT personnel. This functionality is initially available for Statements, Customer Invoices and Supplier RCTI/RAs. The "Email/Print" toolbar button will be disabled if it is not available for a particular report.

1864: Carrier Load Invoice Converted to New Format

The Carrier Load RCTI/RA has been updated to the new report engine, and so use the Contacts subsystem (see Job 1801 for details), the new Email/Print functionality (see Job #1857), as well as the flexible heading & logo options.

1869: Email/Print Functionality Added to Batch Payment Advice Report

The Email/Print functionality as described under Job #1857 has been added to the Batch Payment Advice report, with the exception that any pages relating to payments by  cheque will always be printed and never emailed (because it is assumed these pages will be sent with the cheque).

1901: Stock Received Report Converted & Modified

The Stock Received Report has been converted to the new reporting engine, and now includes Load Alpha and Tran No fields, subtotals and grand totals

1917: Customer Goods Invoice Converted to New Format

The Customer Goods Invoice has been converted to the new report engine. It is also now available in landscape format as well as portrait, and supports the advanced heading/logo options, Contacts subsystem, enhanced email options and optional credit card payment panel.

1924: Storage Movement Detailed Report Updated to New Report Engine

The Storage Movement Detailed report has been updated to the new reporting engine. In addition, if the option Single Bin is selected, the Show Bins checkbox is automatically ticked and disabled. This avoids the possibility of apparent inconsistency between the Detailed and Summary reports, the latter of which always shows Bin No.

1925: Date Range Options For Contract Detailed Position Report

You can now select a date range for the Contract Detailed Position report. You can select either the Delivery Period (ie contracts which allow deliveries within the period nominated) or the date the contract was opened.

1952: Capitalise Additional Load Charges into Ave Cost

For loads from a supplier into storage, you can now optionally capitalise the value of the per load and/or per tonne deductions, and/or each item on the supplier additional charges grid. Capitalising these means that the load adjustment values are deducted from (per load, per tonne charges) or added to (additional charges grid) to the total cost of the load into store, therefore adjusting your inventory value. You signify this option by ticking the checkbox beside each item.

1941: New Reports: Default Zoom Level User Option

You can now set the default zoom level at which the print preview window will show reports, for new style reports. This option can be set from the Utilities | User Options menu, Reports branch.

2009: EPR Royalty Combo Invoice Now Also Groups by Supplier

The End Point Royalty Combo Invoice now groups loads by supplier within each Variety, and also displays the supplier's address and NGR number.

2012: Loads - More Information When Withholding Tax Will Be Deducted

You now receive more information when saving or processing a load where one or more suppliers will have withholding tax deducted if you proceed. This includes the supplier's name, the reason why the tax will be deducted.

1849: Truck Report: Tonnes Subtotals, Tonnes and Cost/Income Grand Totals

The Truck Report now has subtotals for tonnes, income and expenses for each truck, together with grand totals for the report.

1889: Customer Goods Invoice Can Now be Saved & Processed Later

You can now save a Customer Goods Invoice and return at a later time to modify and/or process it. This is similar to the way in which the Supplier Goods Invoice works. Pending invoices thus saved are shown with a green background on the Customer (or Supplier) Transactions window.

1258: $0 RCTIs Renamed Record of Delivery

The RCTI/Remittance Advice for Storage Only or Warehouse loads has been re-titled "Record of Delivery".

1313: Storage Movement Detailed Report - Show Storages With No Movement by Default

The option "Include storages with stock on hand but no movements" for the Commodity Storage Movement Detailed report is now ticked by default. If you untick the checkbox you will now see an advisory prompt that this action might make this report not match values shown in the Storage Movement Summary report, because the latter always includes these storages.

1358: Payment Due Dates for Load Carrier

You can now define special payment terms for individual carriers, using a new drop-down combo box on the Supplier window. By default carrier terms are the same as those for all other non-commodity suppliers and this remains the default unless you select otherwise.

2014: Contract Position Report Excludes Unprocessed Warehouse/Storage Loads

The Contract Summary Position report now explicitly excludes unprocessed loads marked as Warehouse or Storage Only.

2023: Outwards Warehouse Loads for Partnerships ShowIncorrect Tonnage

Outgoing warehouse loads for partnerships were showing the total load tonnage against each supplier on the Storage Movement Detailed and Summary reports, instead of a single entry for the partnership as is used for incoming loads. This has been fixed.

2024: Levy Name Missing on Supplier Window

Names of configured Levies were missing from the Supplier window; "Levy" and a number was being shown instead. This has been fixed.

2013: Possible Error on Contract Copy to New

If you had a Contract open and clicked on either the Admin or Orders tabs, then clicked the Copy to New button and on the new contract clicked on one of those tabs again you would get an error: "This key is already associated with an element of this collection". This has been fixed.

1965: GL Export Duplicated for Unlinked Amounts

If you linked a prepayment or other unallocated transaction after the original had been exported to your General Ledger and there was an unallocated remainder, the remainder could be exported to the General Ledger again on next export. This has been fixed.

1904: Load Other Supplier/Buyer Transaction Dates

The transaction dates for transactions created from the Other tab on the Load window were being dated as at the date the load was processed, not the load date. This has been fixed.

1905: Load Listing Reports - Supplier Other Charges

Additional Charges on the Supplier tab of the Load window  were not being included in the load value shown on the Utility | Load Search report. This has been fixed. Additional Charges on the Destination tab were already being included.

1783: Possible Error 438 When Cancelling Receipt

Since version 3.3.15, you could get an Error 438: "Object does not support this property or method" when cancelling a receipt. This has been fixed.

1752: Broker Note - Company Header Now Printed on First Page Only

On the printed Broker Note, the company logo and details were being printed on all pages if the document was more than one page. These details now print on the first page only, and a plain header is printed on subsequent pages.

1753: Broker Contract Renamed to Broker Note

The Broker Contract has been renamed to Broker Note, to be more in keeping with industry norms.

1796: Global Options - Multiline Text Fields

On the Global Options window, items that can accept multiple lines of text were not recognising the <Enter> key as an embedded carriage return. This has been fixed.

1791: Applying Discount Could Leave Rounding Amounts

Under some circumstances applying a discount on receipt of a customer account or payment of a supplier account could result in amounts of less than $0.01 remaining on a transaction, which although not visible would stop the transaction and any linked transactions from being cleared at the end of the month. This has been fixed.

1793: Batch Print Window - Sort by Due Date

If you clicked on the column header of the Date Due column on the Batch Print window, the grid would not always sort correctly by that date. This has been fixed.

1890: Message Tick Box on Load - Other Tab not saving

The state of the "Print message on invoice" checkbox was not being saved when you saved a load. This has been fixed.

1893: Storage to Storage Loads Might Not Update Inwards Storage

Since version 3.3.15, a Storage to Storage load might not update the quantity on hand in the destination storage when a load was processed, if there had ever been a stocktake for that commodity and storage. This has been fixed.

1883: Error in Customer Load Summary Report

Selecting the Customer Load Summary report with a single destination storage might result in an erroneous "Nothing to print" message. This has been fixed; you can now select either the Pickup or Delivery storage. In addition, the former automatically looks for the Pickup Date and the latter the Delivery Date, within the selected date range.

1867: Apply Commodity Bonuses Checkbox State on Order & Imported Loads

The "Apply Commodity Bonuses" checkboxes on the Load window were not being ticked by default for loads with applicable commodities and created via the Orders module. This has been fixed.

1804: Load Dispatch Advice Might Print Multiple Pages

Since version 3.3.7, for Loads from a single supplier (ie not a partnership), with a named Variety that was associated with more than one Commodity, the Load Dispatch Advice would repeat the identical report once for each of those Commodities. This has been fixed.

1818: Partnerships on Royalty Combo Invoices

Loads from partnership suppliers were printing twice on Royalty Combo Invoices. This has been fixed.

1831: Metric Names on Reports

If you had more than 5 Metrics recorded for a commodity, the names shown in the column headers of various reports (eg Storage Summary Report) would be wrong. This has been fixed.

1832: Graincorp Grower Delivery File Import

Job 1758 introduced the ability to import loads from Graincorp Grower Delivery files. It was intended that these loads would be imported as Warehouse loads, however setting this flag on the Load was inadvertently omitted. This has been fixed.

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