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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.18

2165: Popup Text Read/Entry Box for Bids & Offers Comments

A popup text entry window has been provided to facilitate the entry and/or reading of Comments on the Supplier and Customer Bids/Offers grid. Just click in the Comments cell to popup the window.

2168: Characters Not Allowed in Filenames Can't Be Used In Supplier/Customer Alpha Codes

Because Supplier/Customer Alpha Codes can be used as part of a PDF filename when executing the Mixed Email/Print functions from the Print Preview window, characters that are illegal in filenames (ie "\/:*?<>|) are not allowed in the code. This update also checks Alpha codes for all exiting Active Suppliers & Customers and generates a message with a list of codes needing attention, every time the program is run until they are fixed.

2184: Load Advice Reports Updated to Use Contacts

The Load Advice reports (Dispatch, Carrier etc) printed from the Load window and Carrier GMA printed from the Order window have been updated to use the default Street Contact details.

2208: Report Print Preview Window - User Option to Display Maximised

You can now automatically have the Print Preview window for reports using the new reporting engine displayed maximised. Toggle this option from the Utilities | User Options window, Reports branch.

2209: Est Quantities for Multigrade Contracts

For non_GMP contracts with multiple Commodities, if you did not enter estimated quantities in the Commodity grid, or you did so but the sum of the individual grades didn't agree with the overall total entered for the Contract, Summary Position Reports where the "Show individual grades" checkbox was ticked would be unreliable. This has been changed such that if you do not enter an estimated quantity for a contract the total will automatically be saved as the estimated quantity for the first (main) Commodity in the Commodity grid, and in any event the sum of the Estimated Qty column will be compared to the Contract total and if they do not agree you will not be able to save the Contract until this is fixed. A check for this is also performed whenever the program is run following the installation of this upgrade until there are no such Contracts open and unfixed, and each user will be prompted to correct the issue. In addition, a Global Option "Enforce consistent Estimated Quantities" (under Contracts - Common) has been added so that if you enable this option, if one grade on an open, unfilled Contract has overfilled its Estimated Quantity, you will not be able to print a Position Report until the inconsistency has been corrected. If this option is not enabled, only the overall Contract quantities are used for calculations in Position Reports, which can be generated without regard for consistency (however the Estimated and Delivered quantities for grades other than the main grade are shown, just not used in calculations). See also Case #2230 regarding changes to Contract Position reports.

2217: New Report Email/Print Option & Body Text

When emailing new-style reports using the Email/Print function, you can now format the email body text as HTML. Apart from the ability to present a more visually-pleasing message, this also gives you the capability to incorporate more company details including your logo, and an 'unsubscribe'-type link, which may assist in avoiding your email being classed as spam by the receiver's email server. Access the option, and either create a default HTML file or select the file you want to use, from the Utility | Global Options window, Email (sending) options.

2230: Contract Position Report Changes

The Contract Position Reports have been updated to the new reporting engine and completely reworked. For several reports you now have more options and see more information on the report, and all now execute much faster. Note that to improve the quality of the information presented, the new options and restrictions regarding Estimated Quantities (see Case #2209) can affect the available options and the information displayed on these reports if you have unresolved data issues amongst your open Contracts. For Spread reports, you now have the option to display either the Nominal Spread as manually configured from the Contract window, or the Effective Spread, which evenly divides the remaining quantity over the remaining months of the Contract (or allocates it all to the current month, if the Contract has expired).

2246: New Supplier Load Summary Report Variant

A new variant of the Supplier and Customer Load Summary reports is now available. The new report includes only Warehouse (including balances) or Storage Only loads for Suppliers, or Storage Only loads (including balances) for Customers.

2257: Contract - Fixed Payment Due Date Checking

A test has been added when you select the "Fixed Payment Due Date" option for a Contract, that the selected date is not before the Contract Start Date. If it is, a warning only will be issued.

2262: Making a Designated Contact Inactive

If you attempt to make a Contact inactive and that Contact is designated as the Trader or Delivery Contact on any open Contract, or the Invoice Contact on any Contract, you will be prompted to select a new Contact to be used for the respective purpose. This is to prevent unexpected address, phone or email errors for Contract or Load documents. In addition, if you view a closed Contract with any inactive Contacts you will be prompted that those Contacts will be updated if you re-save the Contract.

2353: Partnership Report

A new report, Parterships Listing, is now available from the Reports | Suppliers | Partnerships Listing menu. It lists all active partnerships with their partners, share percentages and managing partner indication.

2356: Multiple Load Consignment Note

Multiple-load Consignment Notes can now be printed from either the Truck Book or Load window. Configuration options are available from the Uitlities | Global Options window, Loads - Consignment Notes and Loads - Footnote Text branches, and the List Management window (which can be accessed directly from the Global Options item).

2358: Contract Price Displayed on Drop-Down List on Load Window

In order to assist identifying the correct entry on Loads with a Contract where one Commodity appears more than once but with different prices, the (base) price has been added to the data shown in the Contract drop-down lists.

2366: Supplier/Customer Load Summary Report - New Variant

A new variant of the Supplier/Customer Load Summary report has been made available. This variant omits metrics altogether, which frees up space to expand some of the field sizes and spread them out a little more.

2382: OK/Apply/Close Buttons Added to Commodity Window

OK, Apply and Close buttons have been added to the Commodity window. This will eliminate the need to close and reopen the window to perform some functions. As usual, OK saves changes and closes the window, whilst Apply saves changes but leaves the window open.

2386: Changes to Contract Lookup Window

The Contract Lookup window has been given a makeover. General window options have been moved to the Utility | User Options window, whilst grid options are now accessed via the Grid Options button rather than the fly-out panel. This eliminates accidental display of the panel when mousing over the right edge of the window. In addition, when the window is first displayed the user input focus is on the search for text entry box.

2387: Supplier & Customer Windows - Contracts Tab - Multigrade Quantities

On the Supplier and Customer windows, Contracts tab, contracts are now grouped so that multigrade contracts are displayed in a better fashion. Group rows display the overall Contract totals for Quantity, Supplied and Remaining (which used to be displayed against each & every commodity on the Contract); if you have the Global Option for Contracts "Enforce consistency of Estimated Quantities" enabled (see Case 2209), when you expand the group the individual grade values for Estimated Quantity, Supplied and Remaining will be displayed. If the Global Option is not enabled these values will all be zero.

2394: Marking Contract Complete Made Easier When Using Tolerances

If you enable the Global Option to use Contract Tolerances, you were unable to mark a Contract as being Complete until deliveries were within the tolerance range. This has been changed such that if the Contract is marked Deliveries Complete, you can now also mark the Contract as Complete even if deliveries have not reached the tolerance range. Users will be prompted to confirm this action under those circumstances.

2401: Contract FX Conversion Now Available Per Load

If a Contract (Purchase or Sale) is configured with an FX Rate, you can now change the FX Rate for any individual Load on that Contract on the Load window. If you do so, the $AU price for the load is recalculated using the foreign currency Base Price and the amended FX Rate. See also Case 2403.

2406: Storage Movement Detailed Report - Truck & Container No's Added

Truck No and Container No fields have been added to the Commodity Storage Movement Detailed report.

2418: Load Additional Customer Now Multiple Line Items

You can now have multiple line items for Loads - Additional Customer, as well as a Contract. In addition, Transaction numbers for Load - Other Suppliers and Other Customer transactions can be re-used in the same way as Load other transactions.

2425: Specific Invoice Message for Carriers

You can now have a specific default Invoice Message for Carrier RCTIs/RAs. Access these settings from the Global Options - Invoicing - Carriers options. By default the settings for Suppliers current when this version is installed are copied into the new Carrier settings.

2447: "Admin user" Option Under Global Options - Users

Users can now be optionally granted full Admin permissions under their own username in Grain Trader. Previously, full permissions were only available if you logged in as Admin. Access this option from the Utility | Global Options window, Users branch.

2458: Optional Alternate Invoice Format for Load - Other Customer

An option has been added to print additional details on Load Tax Invoices, where the invoice has been generated from the Load window's Other tab, Customer panel. The additional details are both pickup and delivery weighbridge ticket numbers, both pickup and delivery details and Consignment Note number, if any. Access this option from the Utility | Global Options window, Invoicing - Customers branch.

2467: Load Pickup & Delivery Details Defaults to Street Address

Load pickup and delivery details now default to the default street address for the supplier or buyer as applicable. If a Contract is subsequently selected, the details from the Contract take precedence and overwrite these defaults.

2398: Optionally Adjust Metrics in Basic Value Adding Jobs

For Basic Value Adding, you can now optionally have up to the first 5 metrics for the output commodity/storage recalculated using the storage averages for the same metrics from the input commodity, if they exist. Metrics that cannot be mapped into the output commodity from those of the input commodity are skipped without affecting other calculations. This will be extended to Intermediate Value Adding in the next version.

2491: Reports Email/Print Export - BCC To Self Option

A new option has been added to the "Email/Print" function, where available, of the report Print Preview window. When clicking the toolbar button to begin this process, you are now given the option of automatically sending a second copy of each email message sent to your default "Reply To" address as a BCC.

2403: Carry Price Now Reflects Foreign Currency On FX Contracts

If you have an FX Rate configured on a Contract which also has Carry Prices configured, the Carry amount is now calculated on the foreign currency base price before being reconverted back to $AU. This is true for both Loads and on Contract Position Reports. See also Case 2401.

2343: Logo on Weighbridge Tickets

If you are using CDA GT Weighbridge and a ticket style that supports logos (generally style 15 and up), you can now have your company logo printed on the ticket. The option is controlled from the Grain Trader - Global Options window, Headings | New Reports | Logo area. Note that at this stage layout options are confined to defaults and the logo will be scaled to the same factor as for Grain Trader reports. You must upgrade your GT Weighbridge program to v. 1.5.5 or later for this option.

2267: Unprocessing a Load That Is Included in a Pending Payment Batch

If a Load was unprocessed and that load was already in a pending Payment Batch, the total amount paid for that supplier in that Payment Batch was not automatically being reduced to reflect the unprocessed Load. This has been fixed.

2268: Recalculate Balances When  Sorting Transaction Grid

On the Supplier or Customer window, Transactions tab, if you click a column header to sort the data by that column the running balances are now recalculated on the basis of the new sort order. Also, the link symbols are removed as they no longer make sense. To return to the normal (linked) view click the Refresh button or move to a different month.

2272: Deactivating Commodity Might Not Deactivate Its Storages

When you were deactivating a Commodity, under certain circumstances its storages weren't being automatically also set to inactive. This has been fixed.

2338: Error on Saving Commodity When New Metric Sequence Changed

If you created a new metric in a commodity and immediately changed its sequence, you would receive an "Error 9: Subscript out of range" on saving the changes. This has been fixed.

2362: Zero-Value Load Omitted Quantity on RCTI/RA

If you had loads which had a non-zero quantity but whose value was zero, and they were not marked as either Storage Only or Warehoused, the Quantity would be suppressed on the RCTI/RA. This has been changed so that the Quantity is now printed.

2355: Possible "Nothing to Print" On Order Load

Loads created through the Orders module where a Purchase or Sale Contract wasn't used for the supplier or customer  respectively might display a "Nothing to print" message when attempting to print the RCTI or Tax Invoice. This has been fixed.

2405: "Copy to New" Generic Invoice Transactions Might Not Appear on Department Summary Report

If you used the "Copy to New" function on a generic Invoice (Supplier or Customer) and any of the financial transactions were the only ones for that Department for a period for which you were subsequently printing a Department Report, they would appear on the Department Detailed report but not the Department Summary report. This has been fixed

2408: "Copy to New" Commodity Might Generate Error if Edited Immediately

If you used the "Copy to New" function to create a new Commodity and selected the option to copy Associations with Varieties, saved the new Commodity then immediately made another change to it and tried to save it again you would get an error advising of duplicate values in a primary key. This has been fixed.

2436: Exporting Raw Data to Excel Might Fail

When using the Export Wizard to export the raw data used to create a report into an Excel worksheet, the process might fail with the error "An action query cannot be used as a row source" when using recent versions of Excel. The process has been modified to avoid this Excel error.

2371: Printing Unbatched RCTI/Tax Invoice Could Generate Error

Printing an unbatched RCTI/RA or Tax Invoice could generate an error "Invalid use of Null". This has been fixed.

2376: Additional Charges Now Optionally Cleared on Saving Load

The Global Option in the Loads section, "Clear all data from load window after saving" has been changed so that it now applies to all data except anything recorded in the Supplier or Customer "Other Charges" grids. A new option, "Clear Supplier & Customer Other Charges from load window after saving", has been added. By default when this version is installed the new option is set to be the same as the old option.

2380: Pricing Tiers - Error On Making Tier Inactive

If you made a Packaged Goods Pricing Tier inactive, you could receive an Error 9: "Subscript out of range" when displaying the pricing grid. This has been fixed.

2258: Export Wizard - Email File Might Not Open New Mail Message

If you Exported a new-style report and selected the PDF option to attach the exported file to a new email message, but there was no default email address supplied by the program and you did not enter one, the file was created but a new email message window with the file attached was not created. This has been fixed.

2261: Inactive Contact Details Shown Unexpectedly

If you had an Inactive Contact for an account and it was the first contact when sorted alphabetically, when displaying the Contacts window the inactive contact's details would initially be shown, even when the Show Inactive checkbox was unticked (so the Contact details were not being displayed in the grid at the top of the window). This has been fixed.

2249: Load Carrier & Dispatch Advice Reports Omitted Line No.

The Dispatch and Carrier Advice as printed from the Load and Orders windows omitted the pickup Line Number, if you were using Commodity Line Numbers. This has been fixed.

2250: Partnership RCTI Had Manager's Email Address

When using the direct email functions for RCTIs where the Load was on a Contract with a Partnership, the default email address being offered was that of the Manager, for all partners. This has been fixed.

2254: Storage Movement Reports Stock - Possible Error

When executing a Storage Movement report (either detailed or summary), any Loads that were picked up on or before the final reporting date but delivered after that date would be shown correctly in the body of the report but would not be correctly included in the closing stock. This has been fixed.

2289: Contract Summary List - Error

If you executed a Contract Summary List for one Customer and selected a Delivery Date Range the report would show all Contracts for all Customers. This has been fixed.

2305: Typing "[" Character in Lookup Boxes Causes Database Error

Typing the left square bracket character "[" (usually when trying to hit the "P" key) in lookup boxes where partial matches starting with the typed characters are returned (eg Supplier, Customer, Commodity, Contract and Orders lookup windows) causes a database error "-2147217900: Invalid pattern string". This has been fixed.

2234: Contract/Order/Load Comments & Reference No's

The flow of information from Contracts to Loads, optionally through Orders, has been streamlined. Henceforth, for a Sale Contract the Buyer's Contract No (where entered) flows through as the default Buyer Reference No on an Order and the Cust Ref on the Load window, Destination tab. Similarly on a Purchase Contract the Seller's Contract No (where entered) flows through as Load Ref (a new field) on the Load window, Source tab. The old field "Supp Ref" on the Load window, Source tab, and the Batch Print and Supplier windows has been renamed "Inv Ref" to avoid confusion, because this is the field that prints on the financial documents. Of course all these fields are editable at any time, even after a Load has been processed (new for the "Cust Ref" field on the Load window - Destination tab). In addition the fields that print on the Goods Movement Advice & Dispatch Advice reports in the Pickup, Delivery and Carrier Message fields are now sourced from new fields specifically labelled "GMA Message" on both the Orders window and Load window, "Carrier etc" tab.

2240: Storage Movement Detailed Report Closing Stock

When executing the Commodity Storage Movement Detailed report, loads on the last day of the selected reporting period were shown on the report but not included in the Closing Stock total. This has been fixed.

2245: Tonnages on Contract Window, Orders Tab Wrong When Loads From Partnerships

When a Purchase Contract was with a Partnership and loads on the Contract involved an Order, the tonnages shown on the Orders tab of the Contract window would be wrong. This has been fixed.

2221: Possible Error On Reprinting Split Transaction

If you link a reversed invoice to more than one normal invoice you create multiple transactions; one for each link and one for any amount left over. Since converting most invoices to the new reporting engine, if you selected one of these new transactions and try to reprint it you could receive an error. This has been fixed; under these circumstances the original reversed transaction is now always the one printed.

2192: Receipt - Centred Logo Doesn't Push Header Lines Down

On the printed Customer Receipt, if you had a logo and headings all centred, the lower elements of the report weren't being pushed down to accommodate the extra space required at the top. This has been fixed.

1878: Possible Error Saving New, Copied Packaged Commodity

If you used the Copy button on the Commodity window to create a new Packaged Good and immediately entered pricing information on the Packaged Good tab before saving the new record you would receive "Error 378: ... a related record is required...". This has been fixed.

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