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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.19

2514: Batch Payment Advice Print Now Includes Tran Date, Batch No

The Payment Advice report created from the Batch Payment system now includes the Transaction Date and Batch No (if applicable) fields.

2519: Optional Page Break in Commodity Storage Movement Summary Reports

An option has been added to insert a page break after each group in the Commodity Storage Movement Summary report.

2231: Emerald Grains Load Import Format Added

Files exported from the Bulk Handler Emerald Grain can now be imported using the Utility | Import | Loads from Defined Format File functions. See DocsOnline for more information on using the Defined Format Import functions.

2430: New Ability to Delete Generic Invoice or Adjustment Note

You can now delete transactions for generic invoices and adjustment notes from the Supplier or Customer window, Transactions tab, provided the transaction you wish to delete has not been linked (in which case you should unlink it first) or exported to a General Ledger system or file.

2487: AWB Grainflow Load Import Format Added

Files exported from the Bulk Handler AWB/Grainflow can now be imported using the Utility | Import | Loads from Defined Format File functions. See DocsOnline for more information on using the Defined Format Import functions.

2506: New Option For Auto-Filling Non-Contract Pickup/Delivery

A new option has been added to make the auto-filling of pickup and/or delivery details on a Load optional for non-Contract loads. Previously these details were automatically sourced from the default street address for the Supplier or Customer respectively. Access the new option from the Utility | Global Options window, Loads - General Load Options branch.

2536: Load Weight Changes Update Other Charges Grids

When changing the Pickup or Delivery weight for a Load, the program now checks all rows in the Load Supplier and Load Customer Other Charges grids, and Other Supplier and Other Customer Charges grids for quantities that are the same as the previous Pickup or Delivery weight as appropriate. If it finds any, it updates those quantities to the new weight(s) as applicable. When doing a Load - Copy to New, a similar process is followed to reset the previous quantities that are the same as the respective Load weight to zero for the new Load, following which the first-mentioned process above applies when the weights are changed. The user is issued an informational prompt when this happens.

2537: Load Supplier/Customer Other Charges - GST Default

On the Load window, when you add Other Charges to the Supplier or Customer grid, the default value for GST is now GST Applicable. Previously there was no default.

2531: Double-click Record in Batch Print Window

Double-clicking a row on the Batch Print window now displays the relevant invoice, ie the same as if you clicked the View button. Note however that if multiple rows are already selected when you double-click, those selections will be lost.

2532: Prompt - How to Open a Database

When starting the program, if there are no databases in a user's Most-Recently-Used Files list, or they select Cancel at the initial login prompt, a message is now displayed so the user knows how to open a database. This is primarily for new and demo users. It can be turned off from the Utility | User Options window, General Options branch, after you have a database open.

2543: Email Address Checking - TLD Length Check Abandoned

Recent expansion of the Internet Top-Level Domain system, which previously only allowed 3-character maximum names (e.g. .com. .biz, .org, .au etc), to more than 1200 descriptive names invalidates part of a process we used to validate that an email address at least looks correct. Accordingly the maximum-length check has been abandoned.

2545: Optional XRef Codes for Varieties on Defined-Format Load Import

You can now associate the codes used for Varieties in Defined-Format (ie bulk handler - eg Graincorp, CBH etc) import files with Grain Trader Varieties. Insert the codes in the new XRef panel on the Varieties window for each Variety and Defined Format Schedule required. If the defined format file uses the same name as that used in Grain Trader you do not need to create a separate association as this will still be used as before.

2567: Grain Trader Order Loads Flow Through to GT Weighbridge

Loads created using the Grain Trader Orders module can now be claimed at the Weighbridge instead of creating a new load. When claimed, the applicable fields on the GT Weighbridge window are pre-populated from the Order load and most can't be changed at the Weighbridge, avoiding potential errors. Note that to enable this feature you must also check the "Integrate Orders Loads with GT Weighbridge" option (Utility | Global Options, Loads - Orders/Weighbridge Integration branch).

2568: Xero G/L Export Enhancements

The following enhancements and changes have been made to the General Ledger export to Xero functions. The Xero Export Documentation has been updated and is included in the patch update for this version.
1) Receipts will post to Xero as an accounts receivable payment. Note that unlinked/unallocated receipts will not post until they are allocated to an invoice.
2) Discounts will post to Xero as an adjustment note as part of the Journals export. Note that Xero may be releasing a new feature which allows you to apply a discount at the time of posting the payment, so this may be an area we can improve in the future.
3) The export will continue in most cases when there is an error.

2573: Contract Load List Reports Changed

The Standard and Extended Contract Load List reports now display the base price, subtotals and metric headings for each Commodity on a Contract to give more accurate information when the Contract is a multigrade one. In addition, the Standard report now shows 4 metrics instead of 2, the Extended listing provides 6 metrics instead of 4, and both listings provide a visual indication when a metric value has incurred a weight adjustment.

2579: Loads - Other Tab - Prompt to Change Description When Dept Changed

On the Load window, Other tab, if you select a Department for a line item and the Description cell is empty, the Dept Name is automatically inserted. If you later change the Dept, the Description is not updated. This is by design, to avoid possibly overwriting a manual entry. Under those circumstances users will now be prompted whether to automatically update the Description.

2583: Optionally Exclude Empty Storages From Commodity Storage Group Report

When executing a Commodity Storage Group report you can now optionally exclude storages with zero quantity on hand from the report.

2587: Bulk Handler Import - Commodity + Season XRef Option

When importing loads from Bulk Handler files that contain Season information, you can now optionally append that information to the Commodity XRef (ie usually the Bin Grade) to form the Grain Trader Commodity XRef code. For example if the Bin Grade is "F1" and the Season "16", the import procedure can automatically create a Commodity XRef of "F1 16/17" (or "F1 15/16", depending on the Bulk Handler's convention). This allows you to have season-based Commodities without needing to change their XRef codes each year.

2541: Contracts - Adjusting Est Quantities Might Fail

Case 2209 introduced optional enforced consistency for commodities on multigrade contracts in v. 3.3.18. If you attempted to change Estimated Quantities for individual grades to match Actual Deliveries, this might fail even though the two totals appear to be identical due to the way numbers are stored internally by the computer. This has been fixed.

2542: Reprinting Broker Invoice Generates Error

Reprinting a single (old-style) Broker invoice, whether batched or not, from the Supplier Transaction window would result in an error. Reprinting a batch of invoices executed correctly. This has been fixed.

2515: Possible "Tax Code Not Found" Error On Saving Generic Invoice

If you added zero-value lines to a generic invoice you would get a "Tax Code ' ' Not Found" error on saving, although the invoice would be saved correctly. This has been fixed.

2517: Changing Payment Mode When Batch Payment Pending

If you changed the mode of payment for a supplier whilst that supplier had uncommitted payments pending using the previous payment mode, and the payment(s) using the new payment mode in affected Batch(es) had already been committed, the payment(s) would be left in an in an indeterminate state. This has been fixed; these payment(s) are now removed from the affected Batch(es) and the user is advised.

2529: GL Export Error Possible

If you created a single reversal load reversing two or more original loads, the loads included other Supplier Charges and you linked the reversal load with the originals, you could get an Error: Invalid use of null when exporting purchase transactions to a General Ledger Export file. This has been fixed.

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