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GT Weighbridge: 1.5.6

2342: Logo on Weighbridge Tickets

If you are using a ticket style that supports logos (generally style 15 and up), you can now have your company logo printed on the ticket. The option is controlled from the Grain Trader - Global Options window, Headings | New Reports | Logo area. Note that at this stage layout options are confined to defaults and the logo will be scaled to the same factor as for Grain Trader reports. You must upgrade your Grain Trader program to v. 3.3.18 or later for this option.

2344: Weigh Times on Ticket Style #4

Weigh times have been added to Ticket Style #4

2345: New Ticket Style #18

A new ticket style #18 has been added. It is similar to style 17, but adds Variety and omits Container details.

2462: Program Crash when adding Truck Type Ticket Fees

Adding multiple Truck Types from the Tools - Admin - Options window could result in the program crashing. This has been fixed.

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