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GT Weighbridge: 1.6.0

2534: GT Weighbridge Integration With Grain Trader Orders System

Loads created using the Grain Trader Orders module can now be claimed at the Weighbridge instead of creating a new load. When claimed, fields on the Weighbridge window are pre-populated from the Order load and many cannot be changed, avoiding errors. Note that to enable this feature you must also check the "Integrate Orders Loads with GT Weighbridge" option in Grain Trader (Utility | Global Options, Loads - Orders/Weighbridge Integration branch).

2563: Variety Added to Storage Load Summary Report

The Variety field has been added to the Load Summary Report.

2564: CSV File Output Option Added to Storage Loads Summary Report

You can now select to output the Storage Loads report to a CSV file suitable for electronic data exchange with a third party. The CSV file contains both the supplier for buyer/buyer for supplier name and the user-defined field as well as the commodity XRef code, Commodity Alpha code and Gross and Tare Date & Time values.

2565: Option to Report User-Defined Field on Storage Loads Reports

You can now select to print or export either the User-Defined Field or the Supplier Name on the Storage Loads report (but not both, the reason being insufficient room on the report). If you export the report to a CSV file, both fields are always included.

2584: Saving Metrics After Net Weight in Online Mode

When operating in online mode (ie the Weighbridge is connected to the live Grain Trader database in real time, either by direct LAN connection or Remote Desktop), loads are sent to Grain Trader immediately a net weight is recorded. If the option "Allow editing Metrics after weight recorded" is ticked users can enter metrics after the net weight is obtained, but if you are in online mode the load has already been sent to Grain Trader and the metrics were not included in the Grain Trader load. This has been changed; in such cases the Grain Trader load is now updated with the new metrics when the load is re-saved in GT Weighbridge.

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