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GT Weighbridge: 1.6.1

2605: Modification to Data Changes Test When Using Order Load Integration

If you made any change to the Weighbridge window before clicking the Search Orders button, on returning from the search window you would be prompted to save or abandon those changes. Whatever response you provided, the selected Order No would disappear from the Select Order box. The test for data changes is now invoked as soon as you click the Search Orders button (in the same way as if you entered the Order No and clicked Claim Load) and processing is as expected. (Note: to avoid this issue entirely, users should not make any selections or changes to the window if they are selecting an Order Load.)

2606: Ticket No Might Not Be Saved To Order Load

When saving a Ticket with a net weight in online mode after claiming it as an Order Load, the Ticket Number would not be saved into the load's Weighbridge Ticket No fields. This has been fixed.

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