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GT Weighbridge: 1.6.3

2707: Loads - Storages Available Depends On Warehousing Option

For incoming Loads to Storage, the list of destination Storages available to be selected is now dependent on whether the Load is marked as Warehousing or not. If so, only those marked as "Not Owned" are available, and the converse is also true. This is to enhance the accuracy of Contract Position, Storage and other reports by proactively avoiding errors, and is also required by Grain Trader for the optional automatic Shrink adjustments implemented in version 3.3.20 (see Grain Trader Job #2597, #2703). Note you must have Grain Trader version 3.3.20 or later installed when updating to this version of GT Weighbridge.

2708: Supplier to Buyer Order Load

If you selected an Order Load where the Order was configured as out of storage and Supplier to Buyer, when the load was claimed at the Weighbridge under some circumstances the Weighbridge window might restrict the initial weight entry to the Gross weight instead of Tare. This has been fixed.

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