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GT Weighbridge: 1.6.5

2797: GHMS Enhancements

A new option, "Permit No", has been added to the Grain Trader Truck window. A new option, "Warn if vehicle is overloaded by GHMS regulations" has been added to GT Weighbridge. If this new option is ticked, the GHMS Mass Limits etc. are configured in Grain Trader, and a Truck that is also configured in Grain Trader with a GHMS Truck Code is selected at the Weighbridge, the GHMS and Permit details (if applicable) will be displayed in a read-only box on the Weighbridge window and the gross weight will be checked against the GHMS Mass Limit. If it exceeds the limit, a message box pops up warning the operator and the text in the GHMS Details box is changed to red whilst the message box is displayed. The GHMS Limit and Permit No (if any) can also now be printed on the Ticket; initially this has been done on Ticket Styles 11 and 15; if you would like these details to be shown on a different Style please let us know. This functionality requires Grain Trader to be at version 3.3.21 or later.

2800: Automatic Ticket Email to Supplier/Customer

A new program option has been added giving you the ability to email a copy of a Ticket for incoming and outgoing loads direct to the supplier or customer as applicable. The option provides a prompt whenever the Ticket is printed or previewed, and uses the email settings and account configuration (ie the default postal address contact has an email address and accepts emailed documents) from the Grain Trader database linked to the Weighbridge program. The weighbridge operator simply needs to answer "Yes" to the prompt; no further action is required. The email message includes a notation to the effect that amendments might be made to correct errors or omissions by administrative staff.

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