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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.21

2720: Extra GL Field For GL Export Data

An extra, user-defined field has been added to the Commodity, Purchase Department and Sales Department data. This is designed to be exported with transaction data to your General ledger accounting program. Whether and where this value is exported is dependent on the format chosen. If you would like to see this value exported in the format you use please contact us. You can give the extra field a meaningful caption via the Global Options window, General Defaults - General Ledger branch.

2721: Unified Transaction Number Sequences

The 3 Transaction Number sequences for each of Suppliers and Customers, ie RCTIs/Invoices, Payments/Receipts and Adjustment Notes, have been replaced by a single Transaction Number sequence for each of Suppliers and Customers. This is to avoid possible issues with external accounting systems that prohibit duplication of a transaction number. The next number to be used is also now user-definable via the Utility | Global Options window, Invoicing - Suppliers and Invoicing - Customers branches. By default the new sequence starts at one more than the highest number already in use for any of the 3 old series, for each of Suppliers and Customers. If you wish to adjust the next number to be used, you must use a number higher than the highest existing number in use.

2730: New Carrier GMA Report Variant

A new, basic, variant of the Carrier GMA is available. It includes only a subset of the fields available on the standard report. You can select to use the new variant, or be prompted each time as to which of the two variants to use, by adjusting the option in the Usage column of the Report Options window (Utility | Report Options menu) for the Loads - Carrier Load Advice report group.

1355: Supplier & Customer Generic Invoices Updated

The Supplier and Customer generic invoice windows have been updated with a new look & feel. You can also now have multiple instances of this window open.

2636: Transaction List Reports Converted to New Report Engine

The Supplier and Customer Transaction List reports have been converted to the new reporting engine. You can also now click on a transaction number when the report is in Print Preview mode to open the Supplier or Customer window as applicable, with the transaction selected for review.

2642: Last Modified Date & User Added to Supplier, Customer & Contract Records

The Supplier, Customer and Contract windows now indicate the date and user who last modified the record (including Contact records).

2689: "Needs Attention" Flag For Customer Records

A "Needs Attention" checkbox has been added to the Customer window. This is primarily in order to highlight records that may have been imported from an external accounting program (refer Case 2641) and require checking (eg Payment Terms etc), and also brings Customer records into consistency with Supplier records. As with the latter, Customer records so marked are highlighted in red on the Select Customer window.

2744: GL Export: New MYOB Format With A/P & A/R Support

A new General Ledger transaction export format has been provided. This format is for MYOB AccountRight, and includes detail to support Creditor & Debtor ledgers in MYOB. Please also see Case 2720 regarding the new GL Extra Field, which is also required for this format; you will need to supply additional data for each Commodity and Department in Grain Trader. Please contact us direct if you need more information on this format. Note that when you select this format you cannot export Receipts or Payments.

2745: Adjustment Notes Now Have Payment Due Date

Adjustment Notes now contain a date picker to allow you to set a Payment Due Date, for consistency with other invoice types. By default the selected date is the same as the Payment Due Date of the original invoice, if available.

2750: Invoice Batches Now Have Unique Batch Numbers Per Account

When using the Batch Print facility to group RCTIs/Invoices for suppliers & customers, all invoices for each account in the selected group of invoices to be batched will now be allocated a unique Batch Number, even though they will initially be printed in the same run. Previously the same Batch Number was allocated to all invoices in the Batch, irrespective of whether they were for different suppliers/customers.

2752: Daily Trip Sheet Report - Blank Lines Removed

The blank lines, allowing handwritten entry of loads, at the bottom of the Truck Daily Trip Sheet have been removed.

2691: Select Window Optimised

The Select window, used to locate Supplier, Customer, Commodity or Truck records, has been optimised to improve speed when loading huge recordsets.

2757: Stocktake Entries Now Show On Storage Movement Detailed Reports

The Storage Movement Detailed report now includes a line for each stocktake entry within the report date range and for the Commodity and Storage being shown. The value shown as either Qty In or Qty Out is the differential amount required to bring the nominal quantity on hand (Opening Stock plus inwards movements less outwards movements up to the close of business on the day of the stocktake) in line with the stocktake recorded quantity. This ensures that the subtotal values do add up correctly, and the "Stocktake exists" symbol and "Values may not add up" notation in the Key have been removed accordingly.

2758: Storage Summary Report Converted to New Report Engine

The Storage Summary Report (Reports | Commodities | Storage | Storage Summary menu) has been converted to the new reporting engine.

2760: Storage Loads Report Converted to New Reporting Engine

The Storage Loads Report has been converted to the new reporting engine, and so now supports direct emailing to Customers.

2761: New Storage Movement Detailed Report Option: Storage Unit Days, Inturns & Outturns

An option to calculate and print the number of Storage Unit Days and number of Inturns and Outturns has been added to the Storage Movement Detailed report, to facilitate charging storage and warehousing clients. Storage Unit Days are calculated as the total of the arithmetically-rounded number of units (ie usually tonnes for bulk grain) in storage at the end of each day (ie values less than n.5 are rounded down, while values of n.5 and above are rounded up) multiplied by the number of days that quantity was in storage. Dates are inclusive for the reporting period.

2765: Optional Remittance Slip Added to Customer Invoice

The generic Customer Invoice now includes an optional remittance slip with optional credit card details in the same way as the Load Invoice. These options are governed by the Global Options | Banking - Customer Payments settings.

2774: Optional Date Range For Contract Load Listing Report

You can now specify a load date range for the Contract Load List report (Reports | Contracts | Load List menu). Pickup Dates are used for Purchase Contracts and Delivery Date for Sale Contracts.

2778: Department Summary & Dissection Reports Converted to New Reports Engine

The Department Summary and Dissection reports have been converted to the new reporting engine. The Dissection report also now supports drilling down to the source transaction when you click on the Tran No hyperlink in Print Preview mode.

2782: Optionally Update Delivery Address From Contract Commodity Delivery Point

When selecting a Customer Contract on the Load window, by default the data from the Contract Location is automatically inserted into the Load's Delivery fields. This has been refined such that if a Delivery Point has been saved against the Contract Commodity selected for the Load, you are now prompted whether you would like to replace the default Delivery Location with the Commodity's Delivery Point.

2785: More Reports Offer Hyperlink Drilldown

Many more reports, including Storage Movement Detailed, Load listings, Contract Position, Bids & Offers and other reports now all offer hyperlinks to the relevant window. If a report offers hyperlinks you'll see a message in the report Print Preview window's status bar to that effect. Simply click on the data described on the report itself to open the window.

2786: Commodity Stocktakes Now Record User & Date

Stocktake entries, either from the Utility | Stocktake | Virtual menu or the Utility | Stocktake | By Commodity + Storage window, now include the username and date of last modification.

2788: Supplier Load by Variety Summary & Detailed Reports Reworked

The Supplier Loads By Variety Summary and Detailed  reports have been updated to conform to normal standards. In addition the Summary report can now optionally be produced grouped by Royalty Manager then Variety in addition to the previously-available grouped by Variety. When grouped by Royalty Manager the Summary report is now email-enabled, thus grouped pages can be emailed where appropriate to the Royalty Manager's default postal contact email address using the Email/Print toolbar button. The Detailed report is now also email-enabled to the supplier's email address, and hyperlinked to both Supplier and Load windows.

2776: UHF Channel Added to Contact Records

UHF has been added as a field on the Contact window. This flows through to and is editable on the Contract, Order and Load windows as applicable, and is printed on Carrier Goods Movement Advices. Also, where Contracts and Orders displayed and offered editing for both Mobile and Phone, they now only offer Preferred Phone, in line with the selection on the Contact window. Loads also now only show the Preferred Phone.

2796: Truck Mass Management Permit Number

A new field, "Permit No" has been added to the Truck window to facilitate the display and printing of this and the GHMS Mass Limit with GT Weighbridge. This is to comply with forthcoming changes to the National Heavy Vehicle scheme. Note: Only Weighbridge Ticket Styles 11 and 15 initially print this data; we plan to phase in the change on other Ticket Styles over time and/or as required. If you need it on a different Ticket Style in the short term please let us know. This functionality requires GT Weighbridge to be at version 1.6.5 or later.

2801: New Contract Position Report Variant

A new variant of the Contract Detailed Position Report has been made available. This variant omits Trader and Delivery Location details, and includes Pricing Point and Zone in their stead.

2802: Load - Other Customer Order No

If you selected a Contract on the Load - Other Customer Charges panel and an Order No was recorded on that Contract, that Order No would display on the Customer Invoice. This has been extended; a data entry box for the Order No is now provided on the panel. It will be automatically populated from a Contract if applicable, but in any event can be manually entered.

2803: Customer Goods Invoice Pick List

For the Customer Goods Invoice, a new Pick List report is available from the drop-down list on the window. This is designed to be used by sales staff to assemble the items required before the customer invoice is processed. The Pick List can be printed at any time after the invoice is first saved ie it does not have to processed, unlike the Dispatch Advice and Tax Invoice.

2775: Multi-Supplier Batch RCTI Print Could Display Empty Pages

Since v.3.3.20, if you had a Supplier RCTI Batch which included multiple growers with levies or End-Point Royalties, the page layout could become inconsistent after the first few and you could get multiple empty pages. This has been fixed.

2759: Export to Excel Might Fail Depending on Windows Short Date Format

If your Windows "Short Date" format contains the slash ("/") character, exporting reports to Excel where the report name contains the date might fail. This has been fixed.

2755: Customer Receipt - Entries On Bank Rec Even If Not On Deposit Slip

When using Grain Trader's Bank Reconciliation and Deposit Slip features, if when entering a Customer Receipt you unchecked the "Include on Deposit Slip" checkbox, the "Include on Bank Rec" checkbox was also automatically unticked. This prevented the entry being displayed on the Bank Rec and has been changed so that the "Include on Bank Rec" checkbox now remains ticked.

2734: Deletion of Goods Invoice Transactions Disabled

It was possible in previous versions to delete Goods Invoice transactions from the Transactions tab of the Debtor window. This has been disabled; because these invoices involve inventory they should be reversed and linked if needed, so that inventory is restored, rather than deleted.

2791: Contract Position - Matched Report Wasn't Showing Allocations

If you displayed the Contract Position - Matched report with the option to show Allocation/Load Summaries by Primary Contract, the allocations were not being displayed. This has been fixed.

2815: Error Showing Transaction History When Future Transactions Exist

If you had transactions for either a Supplier or a Customer dated in a future month and you selected the History tab on the Supplier or Customer window respectively an error would be generated. This has been fixed.

2816: Email/Print And Contract Annexure Issue

If you used the Export Wizard to email a Contract, the emailed PDF document included all pages as expected. However if you used the Email/Print toolbar button to perform a similar operation, Annexure page(s) if any were not being included in the emailed file. This has been fixed.

2817: Carrier GMA Email/Print Not Working

The Email/Print function for a Carrier GMA wasn't working correctly; a document to a Carrier with an email address and with email correctly configured was being printed instead of emailed. This has been fixed. The Export Wizard - Attach to a new email message function was working correctly.

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