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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.22

2812: Dashboard Widgets Now Available

Dashboard Widgets, which display useful management information in small unobtrusive windows on the main Grain Trader window, and which are regularly updated during the day, are now available. Admin users can use the Global Options - Widgets options to allow either all or Admin + Power users to display them, or disable them altogether. By default only Admin and Power Users can display the widgets. Users permitted to display them can select which ones to display from the User Options - Widgets option branch. Values displayed are cached at intervals set in Global Options in order to minimise overhead. If you find this functionality useful and would like it extended to additional metrics please let us know.

2823: Email/Print Logging

When you use the Email/Print function from the print preview screen, the results for each document (ie all pages belonging to one account) are now logged. You are prompted to review the report at the end of each batch run, and the report can be reprinted from the Reports | Batch | Reprint Email/Print Batch Report menu. In addition, verbose logging of the background email function can be initiated from the Global Options window, System Settings - Email/Print Logging option. When initiated, a file of diagnostic information is created each time the background email function is invoked, overwriting any earlier file. This option is automatically turned off when you exit Grain Trader. The file can be useful in diagnosing issues with the settings or other aspects of the function.

2824: Delivered Weight Totals Added to Supplier Loads Warehouse Report

The total delivered (ie pre-shrink) weights are now displayed on the Supplier Load Summary Report (Warehouse variant), in addition to the shrunk weights.

2827: Option to Show Linked Payments/Receipts on Load RCTIs/Tax Invoices

When printing an RCTI or Tax Invoice for a single Load only (ie not multiple, batched loads), you are now prompted if you would like to also print any linked payment- or receipt-type transactions inline with the load details, and show the balance outstanding instead of the load total directly underneath the load details (the footer details remain unchanged, except that the balance outstanding is shown on the Remittance Slip where applicable).

2833: RCTI Option For Sales

A new option in the Global Options - General Defaults - GST Defaults branch allows you to configure Grain Trader to have your customers send you RCTIs as the first buyer, instead of you sending them Tax Invoices. When enabled, levies and End Point Royalties will be calculated as negative additional customer charges on loads where applicable (based on the Selling Price and the new Sell Farm Gate Price). No EPR Commissions Earned, or levies or EPRs payable, accrue to you. In addition, Tax Invoice-type documents will be captioned "Proforma Invoice" and will display levies and EPRs as additional charge deductions where applicable, and the notation "Buyer will supply Recipient Created Tax Invoices" will appear in the GST block of printed Sale contracts. Although primarily intended for loads ex-storage, this functionality also works for loads ex-supplier, in which case levies and EPR's are still calculated and appear on the Load Financial Summary and printed documents in the same way, but do not accrue to the Levy Purchase Department, and are excluded from Levy reports and EPR Combo invoices (because they are deducted from the sales side). When the overall option is enabled you can selectively enable or disable its application for individual customers on the Customer window, and also on the Load window itself.

2849: Contract Documents Outstanding Report Updated

The Contract Documents Outstanding report has been converted to the new reporting engine. The Fax field has been dropped and Total Quantity added in its place. The report is now sorted by Account Alpha, then Commodity, Start Date and Contract Alpha, and offers hyperlinks to Account, Commodity and Contract.

2852: Bids & Offers: Comments Field Size Increased

The size of the Comments field for Comments in Supplier Offers/Customer Bids has been increased from 50 to 255 characters.

2853: Additional Details Added to Customer Goods Invoice Pick List

Customer preferred phone and email, and Carrier address, preferred phone & email details have been added to the Goods Invoice Pick List report.

2858: New Load Gross Profit Report

A new report, Load Gross Profit, is now available from the Reports | Loads menu. You can select a date range or individual contract for reporting. By default this is available for all loads saved from this version (3.3.22) of Grain Trader onwards, however a utility function has been provided that will cycle through older loads and bring them to a compatible state (accessed via the Utility | Update Loads for Gross Profit Reporting menu). If you wish to take advantage of this utility we recommend running it against a only a few months' loads at a time. The utility function will be removed from Grain Trader at the end of this financial year. In addition, the Load - Financial Summary tab and its associated report have been completely rewritten to be more comprehensive and include other suppliers and customers, brokers, royalties etc. Note that for Gross Profit reporting purposes, loads into storage are treated solely as a cost and loads out of storage solely as income, and that Storage Only and Warehouse loads are excluded from the report.

2868: Trial Balance Reports Converted to New Reporting Engine

The Trial Balance reports have been converted to the new reporting engine, and now offer hyperlinking to the relevant source windows. In addition the Trading -
Arrears report columns have been reordered such that if you printed both the Arrears and Forecast reports and placed them side-by-side with Arrears on the left and Forecast on the right you will have a continuous view from -90 days to +90 days from left to right.

2873: Contract Position Reports - New Storage Only Option

A new option block has been provided for Contract Position reports (except the Matching report). You can now select to include only Contracts marked Storage Only, exclude Storage Only contracts (as previously the case), or all contracts.

2875: NGR Numbers Now Displayed on Printed Purchase Contracts

A supplier's NGR No, if stored against the relevant Contact, is now included on printed Purchase Contract beneath the name & address block.

2882: No-Activity Accounts Now Normally Excluded From Department Summary Reports

The Department Summary report has been changed such that departments which have had no activity in the selected period and no YTD Balance are by default excluded from the report. A new option has been added to the Department Reports window to allow you to include these no-activity departments if desired. The Detailed reports always exclude no-activity departments.

2891: New Option to Lock Load Transaction Dates to Processing Date

A new option has been provided in the Loads branch of the Global Options window to force Transaction Dates for Loads to be the actual date of processing the load, and disable editing of them. Unless this option is changed, Transaction Dates default to the Load Dates and are editable, as has previously been the case.

2893: New Option to Deny Ability to Unprocess

A new global option has been added under the Invoicing - Common branch to disallow invoices or loads to be unprocessed, where this option is available. By default unprocessing is available as has been the case.

2912: Commodity Sales/Purchase History - Option to Select by Transaction Month

The Commodity Purchase/Sales History reports now include an option to select records using Transaction Dates instead of Load Pickup/Delivery dates.

2926: Trial Balance Accounting Reports, Statements - Account Range Option

You can now print Trial Balance Accounting Reports and Statements by Account Range, in a similar fashion to Transaction Lists.

2927: Option to Prepend Load Alpha to Descriptions for Department Detailed Report

An option has been added to the Purchase & Sales Department Detailed Reports to prepend the Load Alpha to the Description shown on the report, where it does not already appear in that position and the transaction is in fact Load-related. This is for easier cross-referencing individual line items where required.

2928: Option to Batch End Point Royalties For a Date Range

You can now optionally select a date range for which to batch End Point Royalties. Note that using this option could result in transactions being missed so it should only be used when necessary.

2931: Contact's Full Address Now Used on Contracts & Loads

A Contact's full address (ie including State, Postcode and Country where so configured) will now be used as the default pickup/delivery address for Loads.

2932: Supplier Payment Window Updated

The Supplier Payment window has been updated. Columns have been added for Payment Due Date and Transaction No, and Due Date is by default the primary sort column. You can also now enter and save the Supplier's Invoice No from this window at the same time. If applicable, discount on GST amounts is now automatically apportioned to individual transactions on a pro-rata basis, so the previous data entry box has been removed.

2941: Supplier/Customer Listing - New Options

The Supplier/Customer Listing report window has been updated and includes new options for Exception reporting ie missing ABNs, NGR no's or Email addresses for default postal address contacts. The reports have also been updated to the new reporting engine and (except for the label reports) offer hyperlinking to the relevant account window or opening a new email message. In addition the CSV output option has been relocated (so you can export either the Summary or Detailed report to a CSV file),  and you can now export all data fields including the selected or all contacts to a CSV file. Finally, Avery label types L7162 and L7163 have been added to the available output options. Please let us know if your preferred label is not amongst those available. NOTE that 8x2 label types (eg Unistat 38932, Avery L7162) may not print correctly depending on the minimum print margins provided by your printer.

2943: Commodity Movement Report Converted to New Reporting Engine

The Commodity Movement Report has been converted to the new reporting engine and offers hyperlinking to Load/Value Adding or other invoice, account and commodity windows. Note that the columns for GST and Total Value have been removed because these were not relevant or accurate for reporting purposes.

2954: Deleting VA Job Didn't Undo Storage Movements

If you deleted a Value Adding job that had been finalised, any storage effects were not being reversed. This has been fixed.

2960: New Options For Suppliers/Customers Marked as 'Needs Attention"

A new option has been added to Global Options | Invoicing | Common to exclude accounts marked as "Needs attention" from all drop-down lists. A similar but independent option has also been added to the Select Supplier/Customer window, whereby you now have the option to either only show those accounts needing attention (ie red text) or excluding them. The former allows users to quickly focus on those accounts that do need attention. The latter option is for special purposes only and can be ignored by most users. In either case the Show Inactive setting still applies.

2961: New Option to Offer to Automatically Make Supplier Invoice Numbers Unique

A new option has been added to the Global Options | Invoicing | Suppliers branch to force supplier invoice numbers to be unique. When ticked, if you enter a supplier invoice number and that number has already been used for the same supplier, the program will prompt and offer to automatically append a character sequence to the invoice number to make it unique. The load or invoice cannot be saved until the number is unique or empty. By default the sequence used is "{n}" where n is a sequential number. This is to avoid rejection of transactions by some General Ledger programs that require supplier invoice numbers to be unique within each supplier.

2895: New Ability to Export Load Transactions

You can now export transaction data (non-zero value details only) for processed Loads to text files for data interchange with customers. At this time the functions only support the "Tungsten ABC" file format used by Nestlé, however additional formats are able to be added. To use this functionality: 1) Use the List Management functions for the List "Contract Load Invoice Data Export Formats" to create a group with a name of your choice to the file format to be used; 2) On the Contract window, add the required data to the "Their Orders" panel on the Admin tab, and as Purchase Orders are received, insert new rows into the grid with the details; 3) On the Load window, select the Purchase Order from the Order No drop-down list on the Destination tab; 4) Use the Utility | Export | Load Invoice Data window to select the criteria for selecting ranges of Loads and click Export.
Note that steps (2) and (3) above can also be used independently of the Export functionality as a convenient means of associating Customer Order No's with a Contract, for easier data entry and avoidance of errors when entering Load details.

2897: New One-Click Load Reversal Feature

You can now reverse a processed load with one click using the new Reverse button on the Load window. This creates a new, unprocessed, load with the same Load Number and a unique alphabetic character suffix in the usual convention, with all the necessary quantities negated to provide mirrored financial transactions ready to be linked to the original load in the usual way after the new load is processed. The new load is editable, but unless you have specific reasons for doing so (eg only wanting to reverse one part of the original load) we recommend not to do so. Note that as usual, all commodity, supplier, buyer and other relevant settings (Levies, Bonuses & Deductions, GST etc) must be in the same state as they were for the original load for the transactions to be mirrored without financial differences.

2963: Grand Total Value for Report Added to Commodity Storage Movement Summary Report

The grand total value for the report has been added to the Commodity Storage Movement Summary report.

2901: Credit Card Selection Bug Fixed

Prior to version 3.3.21, a workaround was in place to avoid a bug in a third-party support file which resulted in errors saving changes to the list of credit cards supported for customer payments. The third-party bug has now been resolved, but in v. 3.3.21 the workaround code had the unintended effect of not being able to save changes to that list at all. This has been fixed.

2947: New Commodity - Possible Errors

If you create a new Commodity, either directly or by using the Copy to New button, and try to edit Line Numbers before clicking either Apply or Save, an error 3021 could be generated because the main Commodity record has not yet been saved in the database. You cannot now attempt to change anything that requires the main Commodity record to exist if it does not.

2918: Possible Inconsistent Shrink After Copy Commodity

If you used the Copy to New functionality on the Commodity window, an association to a Bulk Handler was not being copied to the new storage records. This led to inconsistent application of shrink where applicable. This has been fixed.

2919: Storages 'Owned' vs 'Not Owned'

In previous versions it was possible to have the same-named Storage and Bin, in either the same or different Commodities, as both Owned and Not Owned. This caused possible inconsistency in the application of shrink. From this version forward if you mark a Storage and Bin as either Owned or Not Owned it will be set the same way wherever it is found. If you need to differentiate you must create a separate Storage or Bin.

2921: Inactive Storages Able to be Selected in VA - Intermediate Jobs

Even if a Storage site had no active Bins it was still able to be selected in a Value Adding - Intermediate job. This has been changed so that Storages with no active Bins are no longer added to the list of those available.

2846: Withholding Tax Detail Associated With First Detail Line

General Ledger transaction exports failed if Withholding Tax had been deducted from a supplier's proceeds because no Purchase Department was associated with the deduction. Henceforth, the Purchase Department used for the first detail line for an invoice will also be allocated to any Withholding Tax deduction and its corresponding entry in the ATO Withholding Tax supplier account.

2697: Commodity History Sales/Purchase Reports Included Warehouse Loads

The Commodity Purchases/Sales History reports incorrectly included Warehouse loads. This has been fixed.

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