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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.23

2998: Reprint Email/Print Log Report Menu Moved

The menu "Reprint Email/Print Batch Report" has been re-captioned to "Email/Print Log Report" and moved to the Reports | Other Reports menu to be more intuitive and be consistent with the "Print SMS Log Report" menu.

2988: New Option to Show Freight Cost Separately on Customer Load Invoice

To facilitate drought relief freight assistance claims, an option has been added to the Global Options - Loads - General Options branch to prompt whether to itemise freight on Load Tax Invoices. When ticked and you go to print/reprint Load Tax Invoices (either individually or batched) you will be prompted whether to itemise the freight component, if this exists for any loads in the print run. If you answer Yes and a Load contains a freight component it will be itemised on the invoice in a similar way to other line items, and the commodity price and GST will be adjusted accordingly so that the invoice totals remain correct. If a non-zero value has been saved in the Load - Kilometres field the distance will also be shown. If the global option is not enabled, or you answer No to the prompt, the Tax Invoice is printed exactly the same as previously. This option is effective retrospectively, and requires no changes to normal data entry; the new "virtual" line item is calculated at runtime only when the Tax Invoice is being prepared for printing or reprinting, the option is ticked, you answer Yes to the prompt and the Load has a freight component.

3036: New Option to Revert Status of Payment Batches

You can now revert (undo) the action that tells Grain Trader you have created cheques or saved an EFT file on the Supplier Payment Batch window. This must however be used with caution and in the certain knowledge that cheques have not been distributed nor an EFT file uploaded to your bank (unless it has been rejected in total). The new action is not available if payments of either mode (EFT or cheque) have been committed, but otherwise returns the Payment Batch to the Pending status, where it can be modified or deleted, cheques can be split or unsplit etc.

3008: Redundant Functionality Removed From Grain Trader

Responding to our survey of all clients in June, the following have been removed from Grain Trader:
Value Adding - Advanced, together with all relevant reports and configuration options
Basic Value Adding report
All cheque printing functions (note that you can still pay suppliers using manually-created cheques via the Batch Payment functions)

3043: New Option For Customer Trading Week Ending Day

You can now have a different Trading Week ending day for Suppliers and Customers. By default they are set to the same day when this version is installed. These options can be changed from the Global Options window, Invoicing - Suppliers or Customers branch as appropriate.

3051: Accounting Trial Balance Reports: Additional Options

You can now filter Trial Balance Summary reports by Supplier or Customer Types and Classifications as an alternative to Account Range. You can filter by multiple Types and/or Classifications together. In addition an alternate format has been provided which displays slightly different information.

3059: Customer RCTI Option Moved

The "Customer send me RCTIs" option on the Customer window has been moved to the GST tab, to be more appropriate and consistent with the Supplier window.

3060: New External ID Option for Suppliers & Customers

A new option has been provided that allows you to associate external ID numbers with Suppliers and Customers. Access this option from the Global Options - General Defaults - General Ledger branch. When checked the "ID" box at the top right corner of the Supplier or Customer window becomes editable. The external ID number will appear as the ID number on the Alternate Format Trial Balance Summary report. Note that this option is not compatible with the Global Option "All accounting is managed externally"; checking either option will automatically uncheck the other, if currently checked.

1582: Integrated SMS Messaging

You can now send SMS messages directly to suppliers, customers, trucks and others from many places within the program. You do need an SMS account with a service provider (at this point in time the program only supports Red Oxygen) and some configuration is involved, which we can facilitate. This functionality is fully described and documented on DocsOnline at

1891: Customer Goods Invoice Updated, Also Ability to Unprocess

The Customer Goods Invoice has been updated to a more up-to-date look & feel. In addition the window can be resized, window size and grid column widths are saved and restored each time, and invoices can be unprocessed if they meet the usual criteria.

2883: Unprocess/Modify/Reprocess Generic Invoice

You can now unprocess a generic Supplier or Customer invoice and, provided the window is not closed before doing so, modify and reprocess it, optionally re-using the previous Transaction No. The usual restrictions on unprocessing also apply.

2939: Retrospective Load Gross Profit Calculations Removed

As advised in the Release Notes for Job No 2858 in v. 3.3.22, the function to retrospectively calculate Load Gross Profit has now been removed.

2951: Customer Receipt Window Updated

The Customer Receipt window has been updated to use more modern grid and other user interface elements.

2953: Bin No Added to Load Summary Reports

Bin No has been added to all variants of the Load Summary reports, appended to the Storage Name in the form of "Storage Name/Bin No". Note that because of space restrictions under some circumstances the data might be truncated.

2957: Non-Unique Variety XRefs Handled

It has been found that at least one Bulk Handler uses the same Variety XRef code for multiple commodities, resulting in possible inconsistent effects when importing loads from Defined Format Files. The import procedure has been refined to work around this issue.

2971: Grid Options Added to Truck Book Window

The Grid Options functionality to allow users to hide/show columns or restore the default layout has been added to the Truck Book window. Click the small button with the grid icon in the top right-hand corner of the Track Book window to display the Grid Options window.

2972: Storage By Name Report Updated & Expanded

Total quantities for Unprocessed loads, Value Adding jobs & Goods Inwards invoices have been added to the Storages by Name report. The window and report have both been updated and the report has been converted to the new reporting engine.

2973: Unprocessed Quantity Added to Commodity Storage Summary Report

The total quantity for unprocessed Loads, Value Adding jobs & Goods Inwards loads has been added to the commodity Storage Summary report. Because of space limitations, you can display either the Unprocessed and adjusted Totals or Line Numbers (if applicable), but not both.

2978: Option to Revert to Old Batch Numbering

Job #2750 in v. 3.3.21 introduced unique Batch numbers for each Account in Tax Invoice/RCTI Batches. An option has been added to enable you to revert to the old numbering system, wherein the same Batch Number was used for all Accounts in the Batch. Access this option from the Global Options - Invoicing - Common branch.

2984: Supplier/Customer User-Defined Fields

You can now define the caption used for User-Defined fields 1 and 2 on the Contacts window. Access these options from the Global Options window, General Defaults - Contacts branch. In addition you can now use values in these fields as a search criterion in the Select Supplier/Customer windows.

2986: Select XXX Window Remembers Search By Setting

The Select Supplier, Customer and Commodity windows now remember the last-used Search By setting and restore it as the default when the window is next opened.

2991: Loads: New Ability to Change Kilometres After Processing

You can now change the Kilometres data for a Load after it has been processed, in a similar way to Supplier, Customer & Carrier reference numbers.

2992: Truck Book: New Fields Available

A number of new fields have been made available in the Truck Book window as part of the introduction of SMS Messaging capabilities (see Case 1582). To avoid upsetting a user's saved column layout (which happens automatically), the new columns have all been added to the right-hand side of the grid. They can be moved in the usual way if desired by dragging the column header to the desired location, or hidden from the Grid Options window accessible by clicking the button near the top right-hand corner of the window. Note also that the column which was headed "Weight" is now headed "Quantity" and includes the measurement units (eg "mt", "Bales" etc). If this column is no longer visible, users just need to open the Grid Options window and re-select the column under its new name.

2969: Retrieving Old Loads With Purchase Broker Might Cause Error

Retrieving an old load with a Purchase Broker transaction might cause an error. This has been fixed.

2982: Contract Detailed Position Reports - Single Account

If you selected one of the Detailed Contract Position Reports for a single account and the account's Alpha code contained one or more hyphen (-) characters, the report would display contracts for all accounts. This has been fixed.

2977: "Unknown" Due Date Values in Trading Trial Balance Reports

From v.3.3.22, amounts for payments or receipts, linked to invoices that remain not fully paid, would appear in the "Unknown" column on Trading Trial Balance reports. The totals were correct, but the linked payments or receipts were not aged to the same date range as the invoice to which they were linked. This has been fixed.

3044: Customer Credit Limit Check Might Give Erroneous Warning

If a credit check was being invoked from a load that had previously been saved but not processed, the value might be added to the nominal amount owing twice, which could therefore erroneously result in a report that the customer would be over the limit. This has been fixed.

3053: Order Module: Error if Search by Supplier With Empty Search Text

In the Select Order window, if you selected to search by Supplier but didn't enter text to search for before hitting Browse an error would be generated. This has been fixed.

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