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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.24

1437: Intermediate Value Added Window Reworked

The Intermediate Value Adding window has been reworked with the new grid and other interface elements. The window is now also resizeable and remembers its last-used size and position. In addition the associated report has been converted to the new reporting engine.

2141: Region Filter For Supplier & Customer Listings

A new filter for Region has been added to the Supplier/Customer Listings window. It may be of particular use in targeting SMS messages to a specific region when sending from this window.

2944: Xero Export Log Now Also Logged to File

The information that is displayed on the GL Export Log window as you export transactions to Xero is now also automatically logged to a comma-separated values file for later review if desired. The path and filename to the log file is displayed when the process ends.

3035: Other Party's Contract Number Shown on Load Drop-Down

The text in the drop-down boxes for Supplier/Customer Contract on the Load window now also includes the other party's Contract Number, if this has been recorded.

3048: GRDC Levies Report Upload File

You can now create a CSV file for uploading of Levy details to the GRDC as per their requirements under the Levies Online initiative for the October 2019 return. Select the "Export summary file for upload" option on the Reports | Levy Reports | [Levy name] menu and click the Browse (...) button to select the file name and path.

3062: Levy Report Updated

The Levy Report has been updated and converted to the new reporting engine.

3064: Truck Book: Quantity Column Changed

Job #2992 modified the "Weight" column in the Truck Book to include the units eg "mt", "bales" etc. This has been reverted as some users copy the data from the Truck Book grid into Excel for further analysis. The units data has been moved into a new column which initially appears at the far right end of the grid when you display it by clicking the Grid Options button and ticking the box. You can move this column in the usual way if desired by dragging the column header.

3065: Commodity: Extra Optional Field

An extra field has been made available for Commodities. You can show or hide it and change the caption from the Global Options window, Commodities branch. Usage may be a co-requirement of and implementation-specific to some other options such as General Ledger or Transaction export, however in the absence of specific details elsewhere you can use this field for your own purposes.

3076: SMS: New Tokens For Truck Book Templates Added

New tokens, Customer Order and Units, have been added to the list of fields available for bulk SMS messaging from the Truck Book window. Note that in v.3.3.23, Units were automatically included in the Quantity field but as per Job #3064 this has been reverted.

3078: No Default SMS Contact Added to Data Exception Filters for Supplier/Customer Listings

An additional option has been added to the Data Exception filters for the Supplier and Customer Listings to identify accounts without a Default SMS Contact recorded. Note that listings using this filter may include accounts that have opted out of SMS communications; you should take care not to re-enable it under those circumstances.

3079: Supplier/Customer Listing - Optionally Print Report Parameters

To assist in interpreting Supplier/Customer Listing reports, you can now optionally print a list of the filters and parameters used to select the included records at the end of the report. This option is available only for printed (except label) reports.

3092: User Password Functions Changed

Users can now change their own password from the User Options - My Security branch, and Admin users only can reset but not view passwords for all users from the Global Options - Users branch, where in addition a new option, "Allow blank passwords" has been added. When the latter is unticked, users with blank passwords will not be able to use the program until they have set a password when prompted to do so at login.

3101: Customer Credit Limit Changeable by Admin Users Only

The Customer Credit Limit and Approval Date are now only changeable by users with Admin rights.

3102: Commodity Movement Report Shows Total Price

By client request, the Total Price (excluding GST) for a Commodity Movement (where applicable) has been restored on the Commodity Movement Detailed report. The Delivered weight is used for the calculation.

3106: Printing GMA/Load Advice Not Allowed if Credit Limit Exceeded

Users cannot now print Load documents such as a Goods Movement Advice, Load or Dispatch Advice etc if the Load is to a customer, that customer's account balance exceeds or would exceed the approved Credit Limit, and the Global Option "Prohibit new transactions if customer's credit limit exceeded" is enabled.

3107: Revised Goods Movement Order Formatting

The Goods Movement Authority has been modified to allow more text in the footer but still fit onto one printed page. As part of this modification, Fax Number fields have been removed.

3111: Storage Summary Report - Unprocessed Quantity Now Optional

From v.3.3.23, the Storage Summary Report included either Unprocessed quantities or Line Number details (if applicable). For space reasons, you could have one or the other. This has been changed such that you can now have neither option in effect.

3114: GL Export to Xero: Added Category Option

If you are exporting General Ledger transactions to Xero you can now optionally assign a Xero Category to them. This uses the "GL Extra Field" as recorded on the Purchase or Sales Department window. Remember the caption for this field can be changed from the Global Options window, General Defaults - General Ledger branch. Sub-categories are also supported using the colon-separated format eg Category:Subcategory. Please contact us for assistance if you are using the Xero module and upgrading to this version, as additional steps must be taken to upgrade.

3142: Trial Balance Summary Accounting Report - New Option

When producing a Trial Balance - Accounting Summary report you now have the option to hide the Email column and the icons it contains, where they exist. This gives a better result if exporting the report to Excel.

3147: New Customer Option: Zero Credit Limit Means COD

A new option, "Zero Credit Limit means COD" has been added to the Global Options - Invoicing - Customers branch. Previously a credit limit of $0 meant that credit was unlimited. When checked, the new option pre-selects and enforces COD Payment Terms when calculating Payment Due Dates on all Sale Contracts and invoice types for Customers whose Credit Limit is set to $0. Credit Limits can be reviewed on the Customer Listing report when you select the Detailed variant.

3148: Manufactured Value Adding Window & Reports Updated

The Value Added - Manufactured window has been updated to a more modern user interface and is now resizable, and reports have been updated to the new reporting engine.

3149: Packaged Goods Counter List Report Updated

The Packaged Goods Counter List report has been updated to the new reporting engine. Users can now also select which Pricing Tier prices to be printed on the report.

3161: Integrated Business Name Register Lookup

New non-editable fields have been added to Supplier and Customer records to store the Business Names Register (BNR) name as per the ASIC database, where applicable. This name, if recorded in Grain Trader, is automatically inserted in the Levies Online upload file (see Case 3048). If you haven't recorded the BNR name the Grain Trader Account Name is used instead, however if this is different to the BNR name it may result in your Levies Online upload file being rejected by the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources. The BNR name can only be recorded in Grain Trader individually using the new online lookup functionality on the Supplier/Customer window, GST tab, or in bulk using a utility program which we can run for a modest fee. In order to enable the individual online lookup you will need a free, easily obtainable Authentication Key (known as a GUID) from ASIC at This key can be recorded on the Utility | Global Options window, Company Details branch.

3162: Commodity Item Tag Recording

Data entry functions have been provided to allocate leviable Commodities to "Item Tags" as defined for the Dept of Agriculture's Levies Online initiative. The Item Tags used are contained in a managed list, editable via the Utility | List Management window; the default items are automatically added to the list when this version is installed. At the same time, the update process attempts to automatically allocate each active, leviable commodity to its appropriate Item Tag. A log file details the results and should be reviewed for correctness and to address individual  issues.

3173: Data Entry Validation Enhanced

The increasing need for electronic data interfaces (think SMS messaging, Levies Online, Taxable Payments Annual Reporting etc) has highlighted the need to ensure valid data is entered in the first place. Accordingly we have enhanced the validation procedures for ABNs (including online Business Name Register lookup & capture of the legal name), Phone Numbers and Email addresses. Users will no longer be able to save invalid data in those fields. For Australian Phone Numbers, the STD code must be included for landlines, so there must be 10 digits; brackets () and spaces are also permitted. "Australia" is assumed if the Country drop-down box for the account is empty. No validation is performed for foreign phone numbers.

3184: Carrier GMA - New Variant

A new variant of the Carrier GMA report is now available. This variant is identical to the standard GMA report, but without the Supplier block (name etc). You can select to use this variant from the Utility | Report Options window, Loads - Carrier Load Advice group.

1697: New Purge Function

You can now purge old data from the database via the Utility | Purge Database menu. By default the purge process retains all records dated, together with any linked records dated, for the previous full 5 financial years, however this can be overridden. The process works on a copy of your database; your original database is not altered in any way, is renamed after a successful conclusion and by default is marked read-only to prevent accidental data entry (this can be changed from the Global Options menu).

2399: Optionally Adjust Metrics in Intermediate Value Adding Jobs

You can now optionally have the metrics for output commodities automatically adjusted by the average values from the input commodities when finalising Intermediate Value Adding jobs, by ticking the box in the Output grid. Note that metric names must be identical, however it does not matter if they are in a different sequence in any of the input or output commodities.

3080: Loads: Duplicate W/B Ticket Might Stop Load Being Processed

Since v.3.3.23, if a duplicate Weighbridge Ticket number was found when trying to save or process a load, an "Informational Warning" but unspecific prompt would be issued, and the Load could not be saved or processed. This has been fixed.

3082: Possible GL Export Error With Reversal Invoice Linked to Multiple Invoices

If you linked a single reversal invoice to multiple invoices and exported transactions to a General Ledger program using Custom Format #1, the exported value for "Total Invoice Amount inc GST" would be incorrect. This has been fixed.

3077: Carry Price Could be Calculated Incorrectly

If a Load was from a Supplier and on a Purchase Contract with a Carry Price in effect, and on that Contract you were using a Payment Terms definition based on the Delivery Date rather than the Pickup Date, and the Pickup date for the Load was in one month and the Delivery date in the next month, the Carry could be calculated for the month of Delivery not the month of Pickup. This has been fixed.

3105: Load: Possible Standalone $2 GST Charge

When entering details for a Load, if you unintentionally clicked on the Add Charge button on the Source or Destination tab and did not delete the new row created in the grid below it, an erroneous $2 GST amount would be recorded against the Load. This has been fixed.

3097: Modify Unprocessed Load in Orders

If a load created using the Orders module was Processed then Unprocessed and the global setting to integrate Order Loads with GT Weighbridge was not enabled, the load could not be edited in the Orders window. This has been fixed.

3099: Fix for Grid Fails to Restore Saved Column Widths

If your operating environment was Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012 (and possibly earlier), and you had Windows set to use fonts larger than the default size, a bug in a third-party component caused column widths in some grids (eg Contract lookup, Customer Goods Invoice) to not be restored to the last-used widths when re-opening that window. This has been fixed.

3185: Random Font Error When Exporting Report to PDF

Some clients have experienced an occasional error when exporting a report to a PDF file, with the error advice indicating the report contains text in a font that can't be represented. This is probably due to certain keystroke combinations during data entry that result in non-printable or foreign characters being embedded in the text and may be related to using the program running in a Windows emulator on a Mac. A fix for this has now been implemented.

3194: Possible Unspecified Error When Retrieving Load

If you did not enter details on both the Source and Destination tabs of the Load Window but clicked on the Financial Summary tab, it was possible to save the Load without the missing details. If you then closed the Load window without entering those details, this would result in an unspecified error when attempting to recall the Load record. This has been fixed.

3198: Unlinking Negative Invoice Transactions Issue

If you had a negative invoice which had been linked to a normal invoice of a lower value, another unlinked negative transaction would be created with the residual balance. If you then unlinked the original normal invoice from the original negative invoice you would end up with a transaction with values in both Debit and Credit columns which couldn't correctly be linked again. This has been fixed.

3118: Possible Error After Unprocessing & Re-processing POS Invoice

If you created an invoice in CDA Point of Sale and unprocessed then re-processed it in Grain Trader, you could get an "Invalid use of Null" error. This has been fixed.

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