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CDA Grain Trader: 3.3.25

3331: Purchase Contracts For Partnerships

The NGR Number (if any) shown on Purchase Contracts where the supplier was a Partnership was that of the managing partner. This has been changed to that of the Partnership.

3332: Contracts - Location Caption When Printed

On printed Contracts, the words "Pickup" and "Delivery" have been dropped from the caption of the Location field. This is to avoid confusion when the Contract is a Delivered one.

3333: Printing Tolerances on Contract Now Optional

If you have the Global Option to use Contract Tolerances in effect, you now have the option not to print the relevant text on the Contract. The default is in line with the Global Option "Print Tolerance on Contract", however this can be overriddden on a per-Contract basis via a new checkbox in the Weights panel of the Contract window, Terms & Specs tab.

3334: Cosmetic Changes To Contract Seller/Buyer Details

Contact details for the other party in your Contracts now display on the printed Contract underneath their address, and their Email address is also now included.

3339: Intermediate Value Adding: New Column 'Weight'

A new column "Weight" has been added to the Input & Output commodities grids on the Intermediate Value Adding window. This is to better facilitate the use of Packaged Goods where the units are not tonnes (eg litres). NOTE: Any unfinalised Intermediate Value Adding jobs in which Packaged Goods appear should be finalised before this version is installed.

3290: Option to print Weighbridge Ticket Instead of Load No on Load Summary Reports

A new option has been added to the Supplier and Customer Load Summary reports; you can now optionally show the Weighbridge Ticket number instead of the Load Alpha. This option does not apply to the 7-metrics variant, which already displays both the Ticket number and Load Alpha.

3297: Department Summary Reports Modified

The Department Summary reports have been changed to correctly show the totals for any selected period in the "Period" columns instead of just the last month of the period. If Custom date range is selected and the start and end dates are both in the same financial year, the total for that financial year to the end date is shown in the column previously headed "YTD"; if in different FYs the total shown is for the selected period. You can also now select a single department for the Summary report.

3308: Rework of Company Detail & Address Fields

Due to more rigorous data segmentation required by new government reporting obligations, your Company Suburb/Town, State and Postcode details now need to be separated into individual fields. The old "Address line 3" field has been deleted and new fields added for the above. Until this is done you will be prompted to modify your data accordingly and will not be able to use the program. In addition, the Company "ACN" and "Phone 2" fields have also been deleted because they are redundant and/or never used.

3310: Contract Number Barcodes

You can now print a page of barcode slips containing Contract identification details. This can be printed at any time by clicking the Print Barcode button on the Contract window, or automatically generated (as a separate pdf file) whenever a Contract is emailed by ticking "Automatically attach Barcode page when emailing Contracts" on the Contracts - Common branch of the Global Options window. This may facilitate selecting the correct Contract more quickly at the weighbridge when using GT Weighbridge.  As part of this change, the "Export" button (which provides xml data export for later import into a BSM system) has been moved to the Admin tab on the Contract Window.

3311: Xero Integration Now Supports OAuth2 Protocols

Grain Trader integration with Xero has been upgraded to the latest OAuth2 standards. Users will now automatically be prompted to login to Xero and authorise Grain Trader to interact with Xero, before any transactions can be uploaded.

3312: Multiple Email Addresses Allowed Again

To conform with new regulations regarding electronic reporting requirements for Levies Online (Job #3048) and Taxable Payments Annual Reporting (Job #3166), the ability to have multiple email addresses in a single field was removed in v.3.3.24. This ability has now been restored; multiples must however be separated by a semicolon. Where multiples have been recorded in a relevant field, the first address will be extracted and used in the Levies Online or TPAR upload file.

2137: Date Due Column on Supplier Transaction Screen

A column for Payment Due Date has been added to the Transactions grid.

3096: New Credit Exposure Report

A new Credit Exposure report is now available. It details total exposure to credit for all customers with a either a balance or unprocessed invoice(s). Access the new report from the Reports | Customers | Credit Exposure menu.

3166: New Report: Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)

Grain Trader now supports the generation of a file containing details of payments made to road freight service providers to be uploaded to the Australian Taxation Office to comply with Taxable Payments Annual Reporting legislation. Note that strict data requirements are enforced by the ATO, so you will most likely need to spend some time cleaning incorrect or non-conforming, and obtaining missing, data (including the Business Names Register legal name for your suppliers, in the same way as has been implemented for Levies). If you will be providing TPAR reports to the ATO, tick the option "Enable Taxable Payments Annual Reporting" on the Company Details branch of the Global Options window and select the option you will be using to report Withholding Tax deductions. You can then access the new reporting functionality through the Reports | Suppliers | Taxable Payments Annual Report menu. In accordance with the ATO specifications, you can upload TPAR files more often than the required once per year if you wish; only new or amended data will be included. You can also generate an optional summary report for your own records and optional Payee Statements to send to your suppliers. If you are not sure whether the TPAR requirements apply to you, or you need any more information about TPAR, please contact your accountant or tax advisor.

3190: Load Window: Load Pickup/Delivery Time Data Entry

Load Pickup and Delivery times no longer default to "12:00am" and if not entered nothing will appear on GMAs etc.

3209: New "Super User" User Type

A new user type, "Superuser" has been made available. This user type is identical to the Admin user, unless the Global Option "Restrict ability to change Credit Limit or User Type to users of type "Super user" only" is ticked. In that case only the Superuser account or a person with that User Type can: See the above Global Option and untick it; add new users; change the User Type of existing users; set/reset the Password for the SuperUser username, or change Customer Limits or Approval Dates.

3241: GST Transaction Report Converted to New Reporting Engine

The GST Transaction Report has been converted to the new reporting engine and is also hyperlinked to display the transaction on the Supplier or Customer window as appropriate.

3248: Cancelling Receipt or Payment Automatically Unlinks Invoices

When you cancel a receipt or payment, it will now be automatically unlinked from its invoice transaction(s) first, leaving the invoice transactions in the same state they were in prior to the receipt or payment. Also, if the receipt or payment was linked to multiple invoices, all of the receipt or payment transactions will be merged into one. These enhancements give a cleaner and more easily-understood user experience.

3254: Supplier Goods Invoice Updated

The Supplier Goods Invoice has been updated to the current user interface and style.

3267: Changing Processed Load Contracts

Users have always been able to change the Contract if any on a Processed load, so long as the Commodity and Price were the same as the previously-selected one. This has now been restricted to users of a type which allows them to Process loads.

3326: Customer Goods Invoice - Pick List Now Shows No. of Units

The Customer Goods Invoice Pick List report was showing the weight of each unit, not the number of units. This has been fixed.

3358: New Option to Only Export Load Transactions After Batching

An option has been added to not export Load-type transactions (including all supplier, customer & carrier transactions) until they have been Batched. When in effect, this ensures that your General Ledger invoices match those in Grain Trader when you export more frequently then you Batch. The new option is not set by default; access it from the Global Options - General Defaults - General Ledger branch.

3341: Set Load Transaction Date to Processing Date Option

A new option has been added to the Global Options | Loads | General Load Options branch to reset the Pickup, Delivery and Transaction dates to the current date, when using the Load - Reverse or Copy to New buttons.

3305: Load Buy/Sell Prices Now Support Up to 4 Dec Places

You can now have currency amounts of up to 4 decimal places for the Cost & Sell prices on the Load window. This will avoid minor differences being introduced because of rounding before calculating line amount totals, particularly in the instance where a GST-inclusive price is the basis of the purchase or sale  and the ex-GST value has to be calculated as a fraction of the inclusive price rather than the other way around.

3294: Possible Error "Database field too small" executing Load Summary reports

If you had a long Storage Name and/or Bin No you could get this error when producing a Supplier or Customer Load Summary report. This has been fixed.

3300: Unallocated Customer Receipt With Discount - Possible Error

Since v.3.3.24, if you entered a Customer Receipt with a Discount amount but did not allocate any of the amount to either a real invoice or a virtual prepayment entry before saving it, a transaction would be raised for both the total received amount plus Discount and another for the Discount itself. This has been fixed.

3304: Possible Error Sending SMS From Supplier/Customer Listing Window

You could get an error 3265: "Item not found in this collection" when trying to send SMS messages to suppliers or customers from the supplier or customer listing window. This has been fixed.

3203: Statement Report Window Included Inactive Accounts

Inactive accounts were inadvertently being included in the drop-down lists on the Supplier/Customer Statement window. This had no effect unless you were selecting a range of accounts to print, and made no difference anyway except that the lists were longer, since an account can only be made inactive if it has a zero balance, therefore no Statement would be printed.

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