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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.119/2.1.120

78: Changes to Basic Value Adding

A new value adding type has been added - Intermediate Value Adding. This seeks to fall between Basic and Advanced Value Adding in terms of complexity. You can access Intermediate VA via the Value Adding menu.

To enter new value adding processes for Intermediate Value Adding, use the managed list Value Adding Processes, accessible via Utility | List Management.

146: Add new purchase contract style: Louis Dreyfus

You now have the ability to print contract details in custom report formats, eg when you are acting as an agent for the buyer, you can print the Grain Trader contract data in the buyer's contract format. Initially this has been implemented for Louis Dreyfus Australia contracts. If you act as an agent for Louis Dreyfus and would like access to the new format you will need to discuss this with Louis Dreyfus and have them contact CDA Support to authorise the issue of the appropriate licence file which will enable the Louis Dreyfus format to be listed in the drop-down list next to the Print button on the Contract window. We welcome requests for additional formats to be made available in this manner, subject to the agreement of the third party and data compatibility. Also please note that the development of additional formats would be outside the scope of your maintenance subscription and therefore would be at your expense.

110: Implement Credit Limits for creditor accounts

It is now possible to enter a credit limit for a creditor account. This works in the same way as the existing debtor credit limits, except that transactions will not be prohibited if the creditor credit limit is exceeded - a warning will be displayed.

149: Error 3421: Data type conversion error when saving a load

It was possible when saving a load to get an error 3421: Data type conversion error. This was caused by the kilometres field added in version 2.1.117 not being reset.

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