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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.121/2.1.122

156: Changes to Bonuses and Deductions

A new option has been added to allow for persistence of bonuses and deductions. If you select this option, metrics for saved loads will not automatically be updated if the bonuses and deductions for the commodity are changed.

If you change the metrics for a commodity, and the new option is selected, on saving the commodity you will be prompted to update saved loads. Choosing yes will update all saved, unprocessed loads to reflect the new bonus and deduction settings. If you choose no, the loads will not be changed. You will be able to update individual loads from the load window, using the Update button, located next to the bonuses and deductions grid.

159: Show avg cost on Storages by Name report

Average Cost is now shown on the storages by name report.

155: New contract type: Warehouse

A new contract type has been added. Warehouse contracts are identical to sale or purchase contracts, except that "Sale" or "Purchase" has been replaced with "Warehouse". A contract can be specified as a Warehouse contract using the drop down list next to the Print Contract button on the contract form.

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