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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.123/2.1.124

162: Transaction listings by transaction number

It is now possible to print the debtor and creditor transaction listings ordered by transaction number.

163: Alternate contract number series

It is now possible to create a separate series of numbers to be used only with Louis Dreyfus contracts. It is accessible via Utility | Program Options | Contracts | Series.

164: Specify applicable metrics for contract commods

It is now possible to specify broadly which metrics will be applied to each commodity for a contract. This entered metric will also print on the Louis Dreyfus contract.

These metrics are available as a managed list - Contract Metrics.

168: Print contract summary by contract format

It is now possible to restrict the contract summary report by report format.

165: Cancelled receipts not being imported into MYOB

It was possible for receipts cancelled using the Cancel Receipt button on the Current Transactions tab to not be correctly imported into MYOB. This has been fixed.

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