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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.137/2.1.138

183: New Loads fields: Packaging, Quality.

2 new fields have been added to the Load window: Packaging, and Quality. These fields are displayed on Carrier Advices and Dispatch Advices.

196: Payment due on Advanced VA jobs

It is now possible to set the Payment Due date for invoices created by Client Charge Advanced Value Adding jobs.

195: Don't print empty storages on Storage By Name report

You can now optionally exclude empty storages from the Storages By Name report.

200: Add progress bar to batch VA import

A progress bar has been added to the Batch Value Adding import window. This will allow you to see where you are up to while importing batches.

201: Show Bin Nos on Work Requisition

Bin Nos are now shown on Advanced VA Work Requisitions.

202: Show all shipping details until load has been processed

Previously, only shipping details that had values were displayed when retrieving a saved load. This has been changed so that all shipping details are displayed.

177: Add exchange rate to Contract form

You can now enter an exchange rate on the Contract form. The Contract price can also be entered in the foreign currency.

178: Enter up to 10 Other Creditors on loads

You can now enter multiple creditors on the Other tab of the Load form.

1: Add Load!Comments to Load Search Output to Text File

You can now export the Load Comments to a text file using the Load Search Utility.

199: Cancelled payments not showing on Bank Rec

Cancelled payments were not appearing on the Bank Rec. This has been fixed.

207: Load Search: Storage To showing all storages

The Storage To test on the Load Search Utility was not returning loads into the selected storage, but showing all loads into storage. This has been fixed.

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