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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.1.139/2.1.140

212: Load Search: All loads from single storage without selecting commodity

On the Load Search Utility, you can now search to or from a specific storage, without first selecting a commodity.

231: Cancelled EFT Receipts to appear on bank rec

It is now possible to include cancelled receipts for EFT transactions on the bank rec.

267: New Contract Position Report

A new Contract Position Report has been added. The Zone report is searchable by Zone, and by Delivery Option, and shows up to a 6 month spread.

222: Storage by name rpt - print by storage name, then bin no

The Storages by Name report is now ordered: Storage Name, Bin No, Commodity Name.

223: New fields for storages

2 new fields have been added to Storages. Treatment is an editable field, and Last Buyer is automatically set for loads into storage, where a buyer is specified. These fields can also be optionally printed on the Storages By Name report.

11: Add Zone to Contract

A new field has been added to Contracts - Zone. This field is currently only printed on the Contract Position Report.

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