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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.9

359: Orders Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Orders module for CDA Grain Trader. This module allows you to schedule and automatically create loads to fulfill order allocations for a week. The Orders module is optional at extra cost, but a 30 day trial can be started by selecting View from the Orders menu.

353: Don't show tonnes on invoices

New options have been added allowing you to not show tonnes with the price in invoice summaries. You can access the "Show tonnes on invoices" options via Utility | Program Options | Invoicing | Debtors or Creditors. By default, tonnes will be shown.

334: Average Metrics by Storage report

A new report has been added. The Commodity Group report shows the average metrics for a given storage, by commodity group. It can be accessed via the Reports | Commodities | Group Report... menu.

354: Incorrect rounding on large creditor payments

When paying creditor invoices larger than $100,000, it was possible for cent values to be automatically and erroneously rounded to the nearest 10c. This has been fixed.

355: New truck shows income and expenses

When you created a new truck, income and expense information was already visible. This has been fixed.

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