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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.10

324: Broker only Contracts

It is now possible to print Brokerage Contracts in Grain Trader by selecting Brokerage from the contract type list on a contract. You can edit the footer text via the Utility | Program Options | Contracts | Brokerage Contracts menu.

366: Default transport cost to sell price

A new option has been added that allows you to default the transport cost to the sell price of a load. The option is accessible via the Program Options | Loads menu.

367: Don't choose carrier if load uses own truck

On a load, if you choose a truck from the drop down list, rather than typing it in, you are no longer required to select a carrier.

363: Sort position report by Date instead of Alpha

Contract Position Reports are now sorted by contract date rather than by contract alpha.

364: Messages on GMA

You can now enter a message on an order allocation, that will print on the GMA for that allocation.

365: Show pickup on GMA

The Pickup details are now shown on a GMA.

322: Dispatch Advice for Goods Inwards

It is now possible to print a Dispatch Advice for a Goods Inwards invoice, by clicking the Print button on the Goods Inwards window.

361: Add Cross Reference to Load

A new field has been added to the load form: Cross Ref. This field is for your own recording purposes, and is only shown on the load form, the load search detail report, and the load search extended report.

330: Ability to sort by column in Debtor Receipt form

You can now sort the grid on the debtor receipt form by any column.

362: Incorrect transaction displayed after sort

If you sorted the debtor or creditor transaction lists by any column other than the default, then tried to display a transaction, it was possible for the wrong transaction to be displayed. This has been fixed.

368: Transfers not appearing on Storage Movement Report

Storage to Storage loads were not appearing on the Storage Movement Report. This has been fixed.

369: Loads from Orders don't default levy selection

Loads created through the orders module did not automatically select the levy tick boxes on the load form. This has been fixed.

331: Mailing Labels unknown

The mailing labels "Avery Code DL16" used in the Debtor and Creditor Listing window are no longer available. They have been replaced in Grain Trader by "Unistat Code 38937" labels. These labels are 2 across x 7 down each 98mm x 38.1mm. Any label stock matching this should be fine.

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