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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.11

399: Split Transport Purchases into Inwards and Outwards

The Transport Purchases department has been split into Transport Purchases In and Transport Purchases Out. You can nominate a department for each via the Commodity window. Loads from Supplier to Buyer, and from Storage to Buyer, and Goods Invoices go against Transport Purchases Out, while Loads from Supplier to Storage, or Storage to Storage go against Transport Purchases In.

400: New Cheque Style Added

A new cheque style has been added. Cheque style 11 is for use with tractor feed printers, for specific paper.

401: Limited to 1 Commodity for Packaged Goods Contracts

Contracts that involve Packaged Goods have been restricted to one commodity only, to ensure accurate reporting of commodity package size and units.

381: Commodity Group Sales report

A new report has been added. The Commodity Group Sales Report can be accessed via the Reports | Commodities | Group Sales... menu.

396: Load Processed Twice

If two users were viewing a load at the same time, and one of them processed the load, if the second user hadn't closed the load window, they could also process the same load. This resulted in multiple transaction for any debtors and creditors involved in the load. The program has been changed so that a warning is displayed preventing users from saving or processing processed loads.

372: Purchase Contracts with Buyers print on Sale Contract Summary List

When you printed a Contract Summary list for Sale Contracts, and Purchase Contracts with Buyers entered were also printed. This has been fixed.

374: Completed Contracts on Orders

If you did an order with a contract, then marked that contract as complete, it would no longer show on the order form. This has been fixed.

Please Note: For orders with completed contracts, credit checks are not performed on the Order screen. They are still performed on the Load screen.

375: Completed Orders

Orders marked as complete were not displaying correctly. This has been fixed.

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