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Release Notes - CDA Grain Trader: 2.2.12

501: Rework main program window

Quick-access buttons have been revised and moved into a slide-out, pinnable tab window docked to the left-hand side of the main window. This allows better use of available screen size with smaller resolutions as window sizes increase to fit more data entry areas. Also the wheat picture background has been removed and is now user-definable (or none) (see item 407), to improve visual appearance when the main window is maximized as well as reduce bandwidth requirements when being used over Terminal Services etc.

406: New label format

A new label format has been added for use when printing Debtor and Creditor listings (Unistat 38932).

407: Background selectable

It is now possible to change the background image shown on the Grain Trader window. This can be done in the Utility | Program Options | General Options | Background Picture menu.

409: Add line numbers to Orders

You can now specify line numbers on orders.

410: Price for orders

You can now specify prices on orders, when contracts have not been selected.

411: Grain Movement Advice added

In addition to the existing Grain Movement Authority, you can now also print a Grain Movement Advice from the order screen.

412: Amounts owing not printing on Creditor Statements

Under certain conditions, it was possible for the amounts owing to not be shown on Creditor Statements. This has been fixed. You may need to run the Creditor Trial Balance Accounting report before printing the statements to ensure that the figures are displayed.

404: Storage only loads with additional charges display incorrectly

If you entered a storage only load, from storage to supplier, and added additional charges, the load invoice would be saved with a total of $0, when it should have saved with a total equal to the additional charges. This has been fixed.

402: Part of payment not appearing in cancel payment window

Under some circumstances, it was possible for parts of payments to not appear in the cancel payments window. This has been fixed.

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