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Your website needs to be placed on a web server configured for public access over the internet. Like the overwhelming majority of web designers & builders, we don't provide hosting servers ourselves - it's a specialized field requiring complex infrastructure and redundant, high-bandwidth communication links to do properly, and we'd rather concentrate on those areas we're experts in, closer to our clients.

Specialized though it may be, it's also very competitive which means there are some hosting packages providing excellent value for money out there. But it also means some providers might cut corners in order to keep their price down.

We have experience with a number of reliable, cost-effective providers, both Australian and based in the USA. Because of the nature of the internet, to some extent your website can be hosted anywhere, but the last thing you need is for your website to be slowed down by poor reliability, low-bandwidth links or overcrowded servers.

We can arrange quality and reliable hosting for your site. Talk to us before you you lock yourself into a solution that might turn out to be inadequate and drive customers away, rather than bring them in.



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