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Web Design
What is a Content Management System?
Joomla! Core Features
The CDA Difference
So How Much Will This Cost Me?

How is CDA Different?

Sure, we can build you a "traditional" website with static "pages", full of HTML code. And we can add database support and eCommerce too, if you need them. Give us your specifications and we'll work on it for a month or so. (And then every time you need the smallest change we can charge you more...)


How would you like a Web in a Week*? One that you can manage and keep updated yourself, without needing to know any fancy programming stuff? With a professional and consistent "look and feel" on every page? Welcome to the world of Content Management Systems.

* Estimate only, for straightforward websites based on a standard template, subject to you having all the required text, images, logos etc to hand, and no external delays.

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